• AW Beauty Tips // How to Be a Winter Beauty Queen

    January 19th, 2017
    How to be a Winter Beauty Queen...

    How to be a Winter Beauty Queen…

    Snow queens and ice princesses, listen up! If this is your season to shine then don’t let the cold weather hold you back. Because we all know that winter can play havoc on our skin. The dry, cold air zaps all the moisture from your skin’s surface, leaving it dry and flaky. But don’t think hibernating indoors is going to make it any better. Because the central heating will dehydrate you too. So in winter, there’s simply no hiding from the elements.

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  • There’s still time… January Sales

    January 18th, 2017

    Sale Now On…

    January Sale // Top Picks

    There are only a few things we know of that can successfully beat the January Blues. These things have been tried and tested. Regular exercise, mood boosting foods (we mean kale not pizza), a lot of Vit D, a winter sun holiday, or an obscene amount of retail therapy. Personally, we like the last one the best. Because nothing cures the mopes like a new matching two piece or a new pair of shoes. The clue’s in the title: retail therapy. So it’s time to self-medicate, girls. Good job we’ve still got loads of goodies left in our January sale!


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  • Operation… Christmas Belly Blitz

    January 12th, 2017
    Christmas Belly Blitz...

    Christmas Belly Blitz…

    Our guest blogger Eltoria – is here to help shift those extra pounds with her Christmas Belly Blitz (PE styled) workout video below which will help to loose those pounds you picked up during the festivities – mince pies, chocolate, turkey sandwiches… you name it, we probably ate it!  With the average person gaining 4lb over the holidays – exercise is key!  Check out her blog post too here!

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