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We've always been big fans of fashion bloggers here at South Beach Swim. That's why this month we decided to get in touch with a few of our favourites from around the web to ask them some questions about their take on all things sartorial! So bloggers, over to you:

(if you want to find out more about any of the bloggers who have taken part, just check out the 'about' section at the bottom of the page)

1. What is one fashion trend that you wish was more popular and why?

Neon! I love bright colours and constantly have my nails painted in neon shades or style outfits with a statement neon piece worked in. It goes in and out of fashion, and there's often a novelty factor attached to neon, but I think when it is done well it is so uplifting and fresh (a pink neon trim on a little white dress, or a lime flash on a black silk tee, for example) and it should always be around, particularly on clothes for more mature women, rather than just for teenagers! Thankfully, you can always find a neon bikini/swimsuit – and they look awesome with a tan.

Pj's?! Only kidding :) Although it would be lovely to be able to walk outside your door in pj's and slippers. The ultimate comfort clothing!

I don't really follow fashion trends. But I wish midi dresses and waisted styles would stay popular as it would make shopping on the High Street for things I like far easier!

Nothing – I don't really follow fashion trends, so I don't mind if what I'm wearing isn't fashionable.

Hmm this is a tricky one. Rather than bring back a trend I think I'd actually like to educate people about trends more. To get people away from the "fast fashion" stores where you can buy five outfits for £20 – it isn't good quality clothing and it is throw-away fashion. Plus there are ethical aspects behind the production. Fashion trends come and go on the High street but the core trend should be about good quality, well-made clothing that supports British design and manufacture.

As much as we revert to previous trends every year, I really wish we would revisit the era of modesty and classic staples. I'm thinking Pretty Woman (post working girl) – those beautiful tailored suits and timeless dresses. I could live and die in the wardrobe of that movie!

2. What is the best single piece of style advice you can give to someone?

Don't be afraid to wear anything: if you like it and feel comfortable in it once you've tried it on, it's good to go. I constantly hear women saying "I love it, but I wouldn't dare wear it" or "I'd never get away with wearing that" – they totally would, they are just having fashion confidence issues. As long as it looks good to you when you look in the mirror, and it makes you feel good, wear it!

Be yourself! Whilst it's great to get inspiration from others no one likes a copy cat. And you can tell when someone is not comfortable in what they're wearing. Wear clothing that you love! Whether it's the way you look in it, the colour, the shape, the print, who cares as long as you feel comfortable and most importantly feel good.

Wear what you like. Don't try and copy anyone else's style.

Find your own style rather than simply following trends.

Be true to yourself. Style isn't about the latest fashion trends or what you see on the high street ; it is about what comes from within . Style to me is the outward expression of self-absorbed elements of fashion, combined with personalisation and a release of the inner spirit. One person's style is another's fashion nightmare. For me style should remain classic, but be adaptable and playful.

First priority when making fashion choices should be to dress for your body shape. There is absolutely no point in attempting to wear every trend that hits the runway. You really need to get a feel for your body; work out those bits you need to showcase and make the most of who you are. If current trends don't fit your body type, then be your own trend.

3. What is your favourite outfit to wear around the pool or beach?

I'm a fan of vintage fashion, and I love to mix up different eras, so I would probably go for a 50s style bikini with a 70s kaftan: covers a multitude of sins and looks super stylish! Oversized sunglasses, jewelled sandals and a floppy hat are a must too – you can't beat the classic LA poolside look.

I love to wear a bikini with shorts and a crop top or vest. I have owned a few sarongs in the past which I find great around the pool when only stepping from your hotel room to the poolside. But for a beach day I like to be more covered up and always opt for a pair of ripped denim shorts and a casual crop top.

I haven't been near a beach or pool for quite some time unfortunately, but next time I get the chance I'll be investing in a retro style high waisted bikini.

An Esther Williams retro-inspired one-piece.

Relaxed and casual. I love not to straighten my hair when I'm on holiday – get the beach hair look, get sun-kissed skin and chill out.

I will usually go for a colourful block colour bikini, with a straw fedora hat, big sunglasses and some casual linen cropped shorts, with bronze or light green coloured wedges.

I don't think you can beat an oversized vest at the beach. Slung on over your bikini or one-piece - nothing can really beat the comfort or the effortless cool that the look exudes. I'm loving the one-piece at the moment.

4. Who is your inspiration and/or favourite fashion blogger?

I'm inspired by a mix of my friends and a few famous style icons. My friends have really diverse styles and I'm always getting outfit ideas inspired by pieces they buy or colour combinations they wear. I'm a huge fan of Made in Chelsea and I love the style of the girls in the show, and I am mad on Zooey Deschanel's style in New Girl – her quirky, vintage take on fashion is about as close to perfection as it gets for me!

I get all of my inspiration from other bloggers! It's great to follow a broad range of fashion blogs to see a variation in style. I love to see items being worn on the 'every day' kind of girl so you have more of an idea on the fit of the item. I often find model shots very unrealistic.

My favourite fashion bloggers would have to be:

The Little MagPie

Amy Valentine

Alice Boullin

to name a few :)

I take inspiration from all sorts of places, not just one. Vixen Vintage and Esme and the Laneway are both great bloggers with a great style that I love to read.

Dita Von Teese.

My inspiration comes from the events I go to and the industry as a whole. I just love the buzz and anticipation of fashion shows. My favourite feeling is when the lights go down on the catwalk and the music starts up, you can feel the buzz of anticipation.

There are so many great fashion bloggers (and so many bad ones!). I try to keep on top of a lot of them but to be honest I read more fashion magazines than fashion blogs as I write in an editorial style.

I have become great friends with Michelle (@pradajunky from twitter) who lives in New Zealand and love the insight into her fashion life that we get from her blog

I can't really say I look in one place. I love women that represent an image that isn't designed or created for the appeal of the mass public eye. I love the women that walk past me in the morning on route to work, dressing with ease and comfort in mind. I find that although outfit planning is sometimes inevitable, it's those spare of the moment decisions that I appreciate the most. I aspire to reflect a style that is an amalgamation of all the things that represent me.

5. What things could you not live without when going on holiday?

Self-tan, so I can achieve colour without risking wrinkles! I always take one or two bikinis and I do love having a cover-up or kaftan to lounge around in at a beach bar or by the pool. And my sunglasses are absolutely no1 on my list – I usually take a couple of pairs just in case I lose one. Non-fashion wise, my camera is the one thing I could not live without on holiday: I always record my trips away on the blog, photographing everything from the clothes I wear and the food I eat to the landmarks at my destination.

I couldn't live without my camera, sun cream and a pair of sunnies!! I take my camera literally everywhere I go (typical blogger) and everyone needs a high factor sun cream and a good pair of sunglasses on a beautiful day.

A pashmina, a book and my camera.

Wedge sandals, flattering shorts, big sunglasses and a high SPF sunscreen.

  1. A good book – this is my time to relax and really unwind.
  2. Sunglasses – essential for keeping your eyes healthy and also they complete an outfit really well.
  3. Comfy yet stylish wedges – I love a good wedge for a bit of height on holiday without being too over-dressed.
  4. A perfect summer dress – usually a cotton breton striped one that you can dress up or dress down.
  5. My camera – I love to take photos of where I am and have a good explore.
  6. My bikini - I'm not really a beach person; I get a bit restless but I love an early morning swim in the pool and a nice cool down after a day sightseeing.

Sun protection, lip balm, a great hair conditioner and my kindle.

About The Bloggers

"Johanna Payton is a clothes-obsessed journalist, editor, consultant, broadcaster, stylist, blogger & proud mum-of-one. She is head of fashion at Style Compare and features editor at Hitched.co.uk. She writes for lots of national mags and papers, spent a year as eBay's resident fashion blogger, lectures in fashion journalism and babbles on BBC Radio". Check out her blog!

Kim Parslow started her blog www.sweetmonday.co.uk in 2010 and writes about all things fashion, cupcake and nail related – certainly a combination we approve of!

Retro Chick, Gemma Seager has been blogging at www.retrochick.co.uk since 2007. Over time it has become one of the UK's leading vintage lifestyle and fashion blogs, nominated for numerous awards and winning Best Fashion Blog at the Rarely Wears Lipstick Awards in 2013.

Amber lives in central Scotland and owns 109 pair of shoes. Her blog www.foreveramber.co.uk started as an online journal before evolving into a personal style blog.

Rachel Monatgue-Ebbs is the LadyM behind www.ladympresents.co.uk. Born with a love of fashion, her site features coverage of budding fashion designers, beauty brands and lifestyle features

Pariss Sloan created www.independent-mind.co.uk in 2011 and uses it blog about a huge range of topics including Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Music and Politics.