Easy Hairstyle Hacks Easy Hairstyle Hacks

Braid like a boss, hightail it with a perfect pony and rock the latest hairstyles without hours of work, heated tools and a tank of hairspray!

If like us here at South Beach you love to hold you head high without spending hours in front of a mirror, or more importantly you want more time in bed in the morning without looking like you’ve just fallen out of it, we’ve compiled a list of fave easy hairstyles from 10 of our favourite beauty and fashion vloggers.

1. First up is the stunning Roxi with a super easy half up-do. It’s so easy you might even be able to do it with you eyes closed after some practice!

2. Next up is one of the top beauty, fashion and lifestyle vloggers out there; Zoella. She noticed one of her most popular videos was easy hairstyles, so she’s kindly done another one with some of the top trends for this season.

3. Falling in love down under with British born beauty, Danielle Mansutti, who lives in Oz, she gives us 5 heatless hairstyles, braids and up-dos to throw long hair into when we’re short for time but still want to look our best.

4. Popping out some real easy treats for luscious locks, here is the amazing Poppy. We love the adorable bow so much, we’ve just tried it ourselves in the office!

5. Victoria of IntheFrow.com fame, who happens to be making the grey hair trend work beautifully for her, shows us some super easy hairstyles (and we’re now all googling grey hair looks!).

6. This perky lady hails from the US of A and shows you short-haired ladies how to do an easy front braid. Thanks Ingrid!

7. Jackie needs no words in this video of ridiculously easy styles for long or short haired peeps who might have slept in a little too late! We’re loving the Ronda Rousey style boxer braids.

8. Lilith Moon (awesome name) is a model who is bi-lingual and has stunningly long hair. She shows us some easy hairstyles in this tutorial and is perfect for girls who like extensions for a bit of extra volume and length.

9. The serendipitous Sejal from Delhi shows us some heatless hairstyles for those times when you’re running late. Which is like always right. Right?!

10. For the girls who really like to stand out, turquoise blue braided beauty Gina, who is giving us some serious septum nose ring envy, takes you through a few extremely quick hairstyles in this tutorial with chilled out vibes.

So there you have it, no excuses any more South Beach Babes, you can be babelicious all year round, even when the daylight hours are beginning to wane and all you want to do is hibernate in bed!