Party Makeup Tips Party Makeup Tips

Christmas party season is the most exciting time of year. But it’s also the busiest. And we’ve all been there when the clock strikes 5:00 (pm) and we have exactly 37 minutes and 42 seconds (or something to that effect) to transform our jaded work selves into gorgeous Christmas party elves. So you’re stuck for time, you still need to beat the traffic and you don’t have time for a full makeover *gasp*. What are you going to do? Fear not Christmas party peeps because we have 5 super quick, super easy and super sexy Christmas party makeup tricks to help you when you’re in a hurry!

1/ Go for glitter

No time for a nail appointment? Not to worry – go for pretty party nails with the fabulous Models Own nail polishes in Ibiza Mix (£5.00) or Disco Heaven (£5.00). This is a super quick way of injecting festive fun and sparkle into your outfit in a matter of minutes. To save even more time, paint your nails during your lunch break. Shh, we won’t tell anyone! ;)

Party Nails Party Nails

2/ Use a white base for your nails

When you have 10 minutes until your taxi arrives, there’s just no time to build up layers with your nail polish. But we have a trick to make your nail colour pop in just one coat! Use a white base instead of clear and this will help to really bring out bright nail polishes, such as this stunning Sophie’s Pink Nail Polish by Models Own.

3/ Hashtag for smokey eyes

No, we’re not talking about social media (selfies will have to wait until later). When you’re rushing to look party-perfect and the thought of starting your eye makeup fills you with panic, try doing the hashtag smokey eye trick to save time. Use a dark eye pencil and draw a hashtag shape on the outer corner of your lid and then blend for that classic smokey effect.

Hashtag your smokey eye Hashtag your smokey eye

4/ Make your perfume last

If you smell confident, you’ll look confident. And if you look confident, you’ll be confident. And that’s the real key to Christmas party beauty (especially when you’ve been cooped up in an office all day and not had time to freshen up). To make sure your perfume lasts longer, apply it in 5 key areas; inside the wrist, at the base of the throat, inside the elbow, behind the knees, and behind the ear. These pulse points will retain the perfume and keep you smelling fabulous until the early hours!

5/ Get the perfect catflick

There’s one thing that you should never rush, no matter how late you’re running. Because we think the perfect eyeliner is essential and nothing’s sassier than the 60s catflick. Get this right and the rest should just fall into place. Try using sellotape to make sure that flick is super straight. For a bit of sparkle and shimmer, try our ultra-handy and ultra-easy Barry M Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in ‘Champagne’ (£5.49) instead of the usual black.

Use Kylie Jenner's favourite trick... Use Kylie Jenner's favourite trick...

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