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So in the summer and maybe even as early as Spring we get super excited about the latest hot nail polishes, colours that pop and perfect pastels as we eased into summer in 2015. Now those evenings are getting darker and we’re finally letting go of our flip flops, it’s easy to get lazy on the polish front as we put on those extra comfy socks. Fear not South Beach Babes, we’re going to give you some very good reasons to paint your nails and toes during these winter months, as well as some serious inspiration.

So what DO you do with all of that extra evening time when you want to snuggle inside, preferably next to a radiator? We see this as the perfect time to paint nails, practice nail art and look after our feet so that when those sunny months come around again our nail game is on point. You’ve trudged in out of the cold, cooked your dinner and sat yourself down for your latest Netflix binge. Perfect mani and pedi time peeps!

Paula Begoun is a best selling author of 20 plus skincare and makeup books. Her advice for the perfect home manicure and pedicure is fab, easy to follow and honest (all nail polishes are tough on your nails no matter what they claim).

We’ve curated a few of our favourite nail art designs, some simple, some slightly harder. As your toenails are getting less of an outing practice, try some of the harder styles on them before you do them on your hands.

Autumnal colours and styles.

This ombre effect using a matte berry tone with a hint of pink glitter on the ends is just gorgeous.

01c41769bd2926e41b054b045851669a Autumnal colours and styles

Next up we have this beautiful yet oh so simple pastel colour with a glittery third ring finger. This style takes glitter from garish to chic.

7ab8d3595cbcc11db0424b53f888404d Autumnal colours and styles

Unleash your inner leopard with a similar idea to the previous post, but with every other finger painted with an animal print. All of them would be tacky, but a couple is seriously cute. Best done whilst listening to Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ to get uplifted in these darker months.

a733c2c03f7726961219cdeb960a2f49 Autumnal colours and styles

Whilst this Her Campus post is from 2014, we’re still totally crushing on the navy nails with a gold stripe. Classic, never goes out of style and can be worn at work.

We're also loving these 26 ideas for Halloween nails from UK Fashion Design. Our favourite has to be the pumpkin coloured stripy and spotty beauties.

Nail Storming gives us a wonderful YouTube tutorial on firework nails that would be perfect for Bonfire night. Doesn’t look too hard and we love the fact that you don’t need to be perfect. We breathed a collective sigh of relief!

Finally, here are a few of our fave nail polishes.

Barry M is actually doing a Halloween range that will not make you ghoulish.

OPI are doing a gorgeous collection called Venice which is for those of you who like a more classic look and want to leave the nail art to those with that much time on their hands!

Essie is one our personal fave brands here at South Beach HQ. They have their Autumn ‘Griege’ collection and they also have a very cool ‘Freeze Frame’ nail art with step by step instructions.