How to be a Winter Beauty Queen... How to be a Winter Beauty Queen...

Snow queens and ice princesses, listen up! If this is your season to shine then don’t let the cold weather hold you back. Because we all know that winter can play havoc on our skin. The dry, cold air zaps all the moisture from your skin’s surface, leaving it dry and flaky. But don’t think hibernating indoors is going to make it any better. Because the central heating will dehydrate you too. So in winter, there’s simply no hiding from the elements.


We’ve found some serious skin savers to keep you looking beautiful. Here are our super handy tips to keep your skin glowing in winter!


// Choose an Oil Based Moisturiser

Switch your water based moisturiser for an oil based one in winter. It will help to lock in more moisture and keep your skin hydrated for longer.


// Make an Overnight Mask

If your skin really suffers in the cold weather then an overnight mask could be the perfect remedy. Make your own 100% natural face mask with banana and honey, and wake up with a wonderful glow.


// Use a Gentle Cleanser

Avoid products with alcohol or heavy cleansers that strip your skin of their natural oils. Then follow up with a super moisturising lotion after washing your face, and make sure you moisturise several times a day.


// Drink Lots of Water

Simple, humble H20 can give your skin the ultimate lift this winter! Staying hydrated starts from within so don’t just rely on lotions and potions. The true miracle is in an ice cold glass of water!


// Don’t Forget Sun Protection

Sun cream is just as important in the winter. In fact, a white winter landscape and the low position of the sun can actually cause more sun exposure – even though it’s not hot outside! Sun damage can cause redness to the skin so always choose makeup with SPF protection.


An Extra Tip!

  If you want to keep your feet moisturised in the winter, lotion up at night and lock in that moisture with some cute socks like these Cream & Taupe Pom Pom Socks.