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If you’re getting ready for your summer jollies, we’re not talking to you anymore because we’re TOTES JEL. But before you talk to the hand, we just have three pieces of advice for you:

1) Unless you puke, faint or die at the gym KEEP GOING! 2) Shop our smoking hot Lucy Watson Edit for the sexiest bikinis and 3) read our cheatsheet on homemade beauty hacks for a beach beautiful body…



Cellulite’s a b*$!h. But even the slimmest, trimmest goddesses get haunted by the orange peel from time to time. But never fear, coffee is here. Yep, that’s right, coffee. Turn your instant coffee into a bath/shower body scrub or add ground coffee granules to your body lotion for an extra (and delicious-smelling) kick, and you can wave goodbye to the citrus dimples. The caffeine and antioxidants in the coffee will help to stimulate blood flow and boost circulation – so stock up on Nescafe and get scrubbing!

Coffee Scrub Coffee Scrub



Nothing can be a substitute for good old fashioned exercise (and we know – we’ve tried it all!). But if you’re after that last minute nip and tuck to give you extra body confidence, there’s a hack for that. Skinny body wraps can cost a bomb at the beauty spa but we have a homemade solution. The concept behind a body wrap is to cause excessive sweating which can help you lose inches through reduced water retention; all you need is plenty of cling film and a hot towel to kick start the sauna effect.

girl fitness black crop top with gold logo DIY Body Wrap for a flat stomach



Are your pins suffering from a dry, flaky exterior? Oh they’ve been through the wars with the harsh winter weather (ours too) and if they’ve been hidden away from good old vitamin D (AKA sunshine), they’ll be missing that lovely, healthy glow. But give them a vigorous old scrub with your breakfast oats for the ultimate shine. Cleanse thoroughly with a moisturising wash and then give them a nourishing finish with coconut oil. Your legs will be beach ready and glowing in no time…

Beach Ready Legs Beach Ready Legs

Love these tips? You can’t leave home without them. Make sure you share our beach body cheatsheet with your gal pals, and take a look at our latest collection of beachwear online for the most enviable holiday wardrobe.