Skin Care Hacks Skin Care Hacks

Beauty is only skin deep unless you nurture your mind and take care of your body from the inside out. True beauty comes from within (and that means staying healthy as well as being a good egg) so we’re always promoting different ways of staying improving ourselves. But one thing that can really affect us – which isn’t easy to manage – is problem skin. Bah! We hate it! Whether you have sensitive skin, persistent Eczema or occasional bouts of Acne, skin flare-ups can be exasperating. And it plays havoc with your confidence even when you’re beautiful inside and out. Trust us, some of us have been there and it can be crippling for self-esteem.

For some, it’s more serious than for others. And there are some people who have tried just about every treatment / product going. But don’t give up just yet; because here at South Beach, we believe in trusting in nature. If you’ve tried everything else in the book, here are 3 natural remedies for skincare which we think are worth a go.

ACNE: Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey Manuka Honey

Many of you will use tea tree to try and put acne flare-ups at rest. But did you know that tea tree can sometimes be too irritating for sensitive skin? If you suffer from inflamed spots, one of the best treatments (that won’t irritate your skin further) is Manuka. This special honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and has natural healing power so it’s perfect for skin application. Furthermore, it can cleanse you from the inside out so you can drink it in your lemon tea for added health and skin benefits.

TOP TIP: Mix Manuka and yoghurt to create a soothing facemask or apply the honey direct to your problem area.

ECZEMA: Coconut Oil 

Coconut Oil Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can help to treat Eczema or other dry/inflamed skin problems in a number of ways; the oil has a natural antibacterial agent and reduces infection, includes antioxidant properties to tackle the problem at root, and contains a number of vitamins to help soothe the skin. Coconut oil is super-moisturising and feels amazing when you apply it.

TOP TIP: Melt some coconut oil into an empty lipbalm tin and let it set. Now you can use it to moisturise your lips too!  

SENSITIVE SKIN: Pure Aloe Vera Gel  

Pure Aloe Vera Gel  Pure Aloe Vera Gel

If typical skincare products just don’t seem to agree with you, why not try pure Aloe Vera gel (at least 99%) which is available from most health shops. It’s the best natural remedy for sensitive skin and can be used as an after-shower moisturiser. It also works wonder for sunburn so make sure you pack it for your next beach holiday!

TOP TIP: If you can’t find good Aloe gel, buy an Aloe plant from your local garden centre and you can use the flesh directly from the leaves.

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