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Oh we do love a bit of vitamin D here at South Beach. Trusty vit. D comes from sunlight and that’s the reason we all can’t wait for summer! Not only can the super vitamin make us feel happier and fight diseases but it can also make our skin look beautiful. On the flipside, too much sun can be damaging because of UV rays and dehydration. So when it comes to daily skincare, you may need to rethink the products you’re using now that summer is around the corner. Here are 3 natural skincare hacks that will have your skin glowing in time for your beach holiday. And if you’re still shopping for gorgeous beachwear, don’t forget to shop our new Boutique Collection.

1/ Use an Aloe Vera Plant Most moisturisers contain aloe vera but the problem is, the concentration is low and shop-bought creams are stuffed full of chemicals. But did you know that you could harvest aloe vera direct from the leaves of an Aloe plant and use it as a daily moisturiser? These plants can be bought from most garden centres and the bigger they grow, the more beneficial the leaves will be for your skin. Aloe vera is amazing for keeping your skin hydrated, fighting acne and soothing sunburn. If you’re not confident about using an Aloe plant, you can find 99% Aloe Vera gel from most health shops.

aleo vera Aloe Vera Plant

2/ Honey and Oats Face Mask    Who knew that a few simple cupboard ingredients could give you gorgeous glowing skin? If you’re prone to pimples or irritation during the hot season, try using a face mask made out of oats (soaked in water) and honey. Although sweating doesn’t cause acne, excessive washing and cleaning due to sweating can really irritate the skin. And honey can help reverse the effects by calming and soothing. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory and the oats will help to lock in moisture.

honey Pure honey

3/ Cucumber Slices for Eyes    It’s a time-honoured home remedy; our mums have done it, our grans have done it, and you can bet our great, great, great grandmothers have done it too. Cucumbers make you look younger. FACT.  Cucumbers have a high concentration of ascorbic acid and silica which reduce dark circles and puffiness – but did you know that they can also help to reduce freckles? And help to get rid of cellulite?! Wow, oh mighty cucumber – we bow down to you.

cucumber Cucumber Eyes

Be sure to look after your skin this summer! South Beach x