Stephanie Pratt Stephanie Pratt

We know how our American girl likes to spend the bikini season, but we sat down with Steph to find out where she spends her time over the holiday period. We wanted to know what keeps her ticking over in the hectic party season and how she stays in shape and looking good through those winter months.

  • How do you keep in shape in the winter, Stephanie? 

Keeping shape in winter is so hard because going outside to train can be so cold. I try to go to the gym at least three times a week though. Of course I have my cheat days like everyone!

  • The UK winter must be tough on an LA native! What are your favourite destinations for winter sun? 

I love the Bahamas. The beaches there are so beautiful. Obviously I grew up in LA so I love the beach and being in the sea and sunbathing.

  • Tell us your favourite things about autumn and winter? 

I love winter accessories - bobble hats, scarves, and big woolly jumpers. And when I see snow it’s so exciting as I don’t have that back home.

  • How does your body care and skincare routine change in the winter? 

Moisturiser! I exfoliate and moisturise so much in the winter to help combat dry skin. Healthy skin is really important to me so I try to use as many natural products as possible.

  • How about make up – do you have a different look? 

In the summer I try to keep my make up quite natural but for Christmas Party season I’ll try out some sparkly eye shadows. I love glitter so I use that on my eyelids sometimes. I love experimenting with lip colours as well and I think deep reds look really great during the festive season.

  • What do you do about a tan in the winter? Natural or spray? 

Spray tan! Definitely! Having a healthy glow is really important to me, even if it is fake.

  • For us, winter is about getting cosy. Can you describe your perfect girls’ night in? 

I think the perfect girls’ night in involves good food, good friends and a girly film. My favourite is Breakfast at Tiffany’s - I’ve watched it so many times I can say the words along with it.

  • What’s your favourite onesies and slippers combo from the South Beach range? 

The animal slippers are the best! The little pink rabbits are super cute. And I love the animal print onesies too. They look so fleecy and warm.

  • Where will you spend Christmas this year? 

Family time is really important to me so I’ll be heading back to LA for Christmas. It will be nice to get some winter sun and to catch up with old friends.

  • What’s your favourite winter recipe? 

I eat lots of soups during the winter. Home-made warming foods like soup are great to fight off the cold as well.

steph Stephanie Pratt