What's in my beach bag?

We spoke to blogger What Emma Did to find out what's in her beach bag this season, think beach essentials to keep you polished and prepped for the summer sun!...

1. What are your top 3 beach beauty essentials?
Heat protection spray for my hair, a good pair of sunglasses to hide tired eyes, and a shimmery suntan lotion. It’s all about the skin and hair protection when spending hours lazing on the beach, and I couldn’t last five minutes without a decent pair of oversized shades!

2. What are your beauty preparations for a beach day?
I exfoliate my skin 24 hours before heading to the beach so that my skin is as clear, soft and unclogged as possible. Smooth skin really is the best for tanning, and genuinely appears brighter after a good scrub session. I also try to twist my hair into a bun or plait so that it can drop down into waves later on that day, but stylishly keep off my face when spending a day in the sun.

3. What products do you use for beach beautiful hair?
I use a Superdrug heat protection spray (pictured in my images) and also the Bumble and Bumble Salt Spray which helps create a loose, beachy wave. You just shake up and spray! It’s important to keep spritzing your hair with protection, especially if you suffer from dry hair or colour fade. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and just tie up your hair away from your face for a while.

4. Do you pack any make-up for the beach or are you an all-natural girl?
I’m all natural! Not my best look, but I’m a firm believer that natural beauty belongs on the beach. Any foundations, bronzers or concealers can cause break outs with the sun as they will clog up the skin when mixed with perspiration. I used to opt for a touch of water proof mascara but sometimes I even leave this along now. If you do feel the need to wear any make-up during your beach trips, I’d just recommend a tinted moisturiser with a high SPF, a pop of blush, brushed eyebrows and a hint of mascara.

5. What is your favourite bikini from the SS15 collection and how would you style it?
I am totally in love with the Amelie Multi Geo Print Balconette Bikini set. Mainly for two reasons, the first being that I adore the high-waisted bottoms as I think this creates a fantastic silhouette for any girl, plus allows us ladies to be more body confident on the beach. I also love the pattern and colour scheme of this bikini. It has an Aztec feel and mixed pastels with brights – this would look incredible with tanned skin.

South Beach Verity Towel South Beach Verity Towel

6. What’s your top holiday read this summer?
This Summer I have been so busy with my blog and setting up a dress boutique that there’s been no time at all for reading! So I’ve actually been trying to steal a few hours every so often, reading ‘Girl Boss’, which is inspiring for any girls wanting to be in control of their own business. It’s a nice uplifting and powerful book for those relaxing beach days actually…

7. What’s on your beach playlist?
I like to have a few fun, upbeat tracks on my beach playlist, such as Shine by Years and Years and Leon On by Major Lazer. And I also can’t get enough of Taylor Swift at present! For those more chilled beach days, I’m enjoying a bit of James Bay’s album. It’s nice to mix it up a bit…

8. What is the one thing that you couldn’t live without for a day at the beach?
Sunglasses! As mentioned before, they hide a tired face and those naked make-up free eyes. The right pair can transform you to look super stylish too. I feel I don’t have to worry about what I look like when I’m wearing the right pair of sunnies.

9. What would you pack in your beach bag for a pool party in Ibiza?
OK this would need a few more essentials! I would take a beach dress/playsuit to change into when the sun starts to dip, a huge stylish hat, a pair of wedges for a bit of dressed up glamour, a shimmer lotion to pop on or spritz on over sun cream, a fragranced body spray, statement necklace and a bright lippy. Oh and cocktail in hand of course!

10. What would you pack in your beach bag for a day of relaxation on the beach in Barbados?
Literally just the essentials – my iPhone playlist, a book, a floaty kaftan, flip flops, sun cream, fluffy beach towel and lots of money for cooling drinks and bottles of water to keep hydrated in the Barbados sun…

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