Although I don’t have any beach holidays booked so far this year (WAH!) I know a lot of you are prepping for your olidays and I’ve been asked to share some beachwear inspo. I hold my hands up, I’m not great at looking very glamorous on the beach – normally quite the opposite. I usually look sweaty, windswept and moaning about sand being everywhere. So I thought I’d meet you in the middle and show you what I put in my beach bag.

I see the beach as a bit of a nemesis. It’s the best and worst place in the world. The best, due to you most likely being on holiday and avoiding the hustle and bustle of life. The worst, simply for the memory test of everything that you have to remember to pack. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

967763af-f883-4e88-be44-516f98d71c3aThe Bag

Nothing beats treating yourself to a new beach bag before jetting away. I tend to use my beach bag as my hand luggage if it’s not an easy one to pack into your suitcase, so I care about what they look like. This bag from South Beach is perfect. Bang on trend and in an extra large for all your goodies.


I love the feeling of reading a physical book – especially on holiday. One on my to-read list currently is Notes on a nervous planet by Matt Haig. I have read Reasons to Stay Alive and love it!


Probably the most important part of any beach bag – suncream. I use Avene from Boots. Factor 50+ for my face all year round and couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s great for dry skin too! I use different suncreams on my body, including Piz Buin and Soltan.


As I said, I’m not great at looking fabulous on the beach. However, a handheld fan can give an extra bit of sass. To claw back any kind of decorum that I may have! I bought mine from a little shop called Ale-Hop in Barcelona.


This high waisted bikini is perfect for any body shape but really suits my pear-shaped body. It pulls me in at the waist and covers that ‘mum tum before I’m a mum’ thing I’ve got going on. I love the pattern too. This one’s also from South Beach.

Little coin purse

Don’t ever carry too much cash with you when at the beach – you unfortunately never know who’s lurking in the shadows. A little card holder or coin purse (mine is from Oliver Bonas) is perfect for holiday.


I mean, who doesn’t love a funky beach towel?! This one is from ASOS.


My trusty Ray-Ban’s come out to play every single time.

Flip Flops

I swear by Havaianas flip flops – I have about about three pairs and they last forever!


  • Take a dustpan brush with you to the beach to brush off (shout out to a lovely lady for the tip. I have a hate for sand, hate the stuff. Especially on my feet. So this is ideal!
  • Don’t carry too much cash and too many cards.
  • Use a suncream that works for you – don’t just wear factor 20 because your friends can. I did it for years and it was so stupid.