• What to Wear to a Pool Party?

    July 10th, 2019

    With Summer upon us, and pool parties in full swing, the question on everybody’s lips is ‘’what am I going to wear?’’

    Pool party events are packed with sunbathing, dancing, drinking, and mingling, so you want to make sure your outfit is on point and ready for a day to night transition.

    Here at South Beach, we have a huge selection of summer essentials that are perfect for every pool party, such as cover ups, accessories, and most importantly, swimwear!

    Geordie Shore cast

    It’s no lie that most pool parties are known for being glam. From hair, make up, heels, and swimming costumes, these parties are your chance to stand out from the crowd. Here you can see the cast of Geordie Shore (Chloe, Charlotte, Holly, Abbie, Sophie) partying at the Queen of pool parties, O Beach Ibiza!

    From bikinis, costumes, sarongs and kimonos, there are a variety of different ways you can style your swimwear this pool season.




    Arrive at your pool party in our exclusive metallic stripe kaftan (right) or our mirror trim beach kaftan (left.) These kimonos are perfect as a small cover up whilst at your pool party, keeping you cool and stylish at the same time.

    pink kimono


    Or if you want that extra coverage, wear our exclusive full-length fiesta beach kimono (above), which is also available with a matching bikini to express your outfit even more.


    If kimonos aren’t your thing, we also have a selection of South Beach sarongs and skirts that will take you from the pool party straight to the club.


    If you want to go ‘full glam’, wear our hot orange double split beach dress, providing just the right amount of coverage whilst subtly showing your bikini underneath, not to mention the split legs to make the outfit sexier!

    Orange dress


    Now for the most important part, SWIMWEAR!

    Whether you’re a bikini or costume kind of girl, swimwear is THE MOST important part of your outfit at a pool party.

    Olivia Bowen Buckland (Love Island contestant) has attended O Beach Club Ibiza multiple years in a row, and of course, always looks glamorous at every event. Here, Olivia and her friend are rocking the animal print trend. At South Beach, we have a huge range of animal print swimwear, from tiger, zebra, snake and leopard print. No matter what animal you choose, you’re bound to stand out at your pool party.


    olivia buck group 1


    animal prints


    If animal print isn’t your thing, bright neon block colours are definitely the way to go to stand out. Here, you can see Olivia wearing a bright orange and pink bikini.

    olivia buck group 2

    olivia buck

    Match her look with our South Beach bikinis, all available to mix and match in different styles and colours.

    orange and pink bikinis




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