lucy watson Lucy Watson's Style Edit

Here at South Beach we are so excited to have collaborated with ‘Made in Chelsea’ star Lucy Watson for her latest Style Edit. We decided to get Lucy to answer some questions about how she transforms herself from an SW3 babe into a beach babe when she’s off on her hols.

  1. How do you get beach ready?

I make sure that I plan as far ahead as possible. I don't wear much make up, but I make sure that I always take it off before bed, drink lots of water and get lots of sleep. I think your skin shows whether you are healthy or not, and I like to have fresh skin. I use Witch products to help me with this.

  1. What are your tips for avoiding tan lines?

Sunbathe naked?! I think it's probably unavoidable, especially if you are doing activities rather than lying on the beach all day!

  1. What beauty prep do you do to prepare for holiday?

I make sure that I have a great exfoliator and toner skincare routine. I don't go on sun beds, but I do tan quite easily. After-sun and sun cream are a must.

Lucy Watson Lucy Watson's Style Edit
  1. Do you have a beauty or make up routine when on holiday?

I don't wear make-up, but I do make sure that I use after sun and sun cream.

  1. What are your beach beauty essentials?

I love Witchproducts as they have tea tree oil in. Hair ties are a must!

  1. What do you do to prolong your tan?

I do use tinted moisturiser to make my tan go further. It's always such a nice feeling to come home with a tan - it reminds you of the holiday!

  1. Having just got back from New York, where are you jetting off to next?

I love New York, it's somewhere I think I will go more as I get older. I'm going to Mykonos at the end of the month, and then I’m part of Made In Chelsea: LA over the summer, that’s going to be amazing!

  1. How did the South Beach collection come about?

I found the brand on social media and really wanted to work with them. I wasn't ready to launch my own collection this year, but I really wanted to be involved in some way. I thought it would be a good idea to pick my favourite pieces and do an edit. There were so many to choose from but I think I've got a great set.

  1. Your 12 piece edit is gorgeous. Do you have a particular favourite piece?

I love the Bianca Bikini - in the pink. I've actually worn the brand before, and that was the style I chose, so I was really excited to be able to introduce two more colours in the same style.

Lucy Watson Lucy Watson's Style Edit
  1. Your range sees an array of bright colours. Is this something that you actively try to incorporate into your summer wardrobe?

Yes absolutely. I think particularly with a tan it's important to have colour. I wanted to have a range of pieces, including cover ups too, so there was a selection for people to choose from.

  1. What are your three holiday essentials that you can't leave the country without?

Definitely a South Beach bikini! My headphones and after-sun.

  1. Many people over-indulge when on holiday. Do you try to watch what you eat and drink or is this your time to relax?

I don't really drink anyway, so I don't find that hard. But I do love food. I'm a vegetarian, and I think when you're in a hot country you don't have the desire to eat hot, heavy food. That said, there is definitely more ice cream to be eaten!

  1. What would you say are your favourite holiday fashion trends?

I love crochet, and embroidery. Recently I'm loving pom poms too!

Lucy Watson Lucy Watson's Style Edit