Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid

Every single year, our research and design teams wait with baited breath to see the outrageous outfits and the even more outrageous models. And by outrageous, we mean outrageously sexy! These models, selected each year for their incredible and surrealistic beauty, strut their stuff and earn their place as a Victoria’s Secret model. But it’s a true privilege to become a Victoria’s Secret model and not everyone gets a chance to earn their wings; some of 2015’s line-up have been angels for many years and a few others made their first ever debut. Here we show you our favourite looks from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015; and because we’re all about helping our South Beach customers carve the perfect beach bodies, we’ve added a few top secret fitness tips as shared by these amazingly perfect models.

Lily Aldridge in the Fantasy Bra

Lily Aldridge Lily Aldridge

This is Lily Aldridge sporting the $2 million ‘Fireworks Fantasy Bra’, which is rumoured to have taken a total of 685 hours to make by hand. It features 6,500 gem stones and the matching briefs have been decorated with over 100 diamonds. It’s hard to believe that model Lily turned 30 last week and is also mother to a 3 year old girl. But this supermodel proves to the world that anyone can achieve the ultimate body if they put their mind to it and she reveals that she starts her pre-show diet two whole months before the Victoria’s Secret catwalk! It’s all about dedication and also a little bit of willpower when it comes to partying…

Lily Aldridge’s Diet Tips: “The big thing I cut out is wine. I do ballet and I love yoga, Pilates and boxing.”

Kendall Jenner’s Multicolour Cape

Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner

Lily Aldridge may have been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2010, but Kendall is far from being a veteran. This year was beautiful Miss Jenner’s Victoria’s Secret debut (hooray!) and she completely dazzled the crowd in this multicolour cape. If you’re loving Kendall’s bright Ibiza-esque and carnival-inspired vibe, be sure to check out our beachwear section where you’ll find a fabulous choice of kimonos and beach capes on sale.

Kendall Jenner’s Diet Tips: “I do whatever my personal trainer Gunnar Peterson tells me to do. I’ll run to the gym and get on the treadmill. I also do a lot of ab work and planking!”

Gigi Hadid in Sports Luxe

Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid

Kendall’s bestie Gigi Hadid strutted down the Victoria’s Secret runway in a fireman themed number, wearing a red, white and navy sports luxe set. Now if this gorgeous sporty two-piece doesn’t inspire you to get to the gym, we don’t know what will! If you’re a fan of the slogan style crop tops and gym wear, check out our current fitness range here at South Beach. And when it comes to dieting, we love Gigi’s slightly more relaxed approach to her weekly menu…

Gigi Hadid’s Diet Tips:You find how you feel your best. Whether you feel better when you’re eating gluten-free or whatever it is. I feel better when I eat a burger every other night. Eat clean, and work out to stay fit - and have a burger to stay sane.”