Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

Christmas is a time of contrasts for us. We’re either rocking the LBD and partying until the early hours, or we’re nursing regrets from the night before and curled up in our onesies. The latter usually involves speed dial to our local pizza delivery (#sorrynotsorry), a Christmas movie marathon (#keepthechangeyafilthyanimal) and of course, some comfy South Beach loungewear. So grab a cosy onesie and your best furry slippers and add these top 10 Christmas movies to your Love Film or Netflix.

1| Home Alone

If Kevin and The Wet Bandits don’t make it to your top 10 Christmas movies each year… simply must have lost your festive spirit. This is a Christmas classic and with it being available to watch on Netflix this week, it’s time to ignite that festive feeling again.

2| Elf

Ahh Buddy the Elf, you had us at, “you smell like beef and cheese”. Since the movie’s 2003 debut, it’s been a firm favourite and it still makes us chuckle in 2015.

Elf Elf

3| Happy Christmas

If you’re a fan of Pitch Perfect, Happy Christmas with Anna Kendrick is a have-to-watch film. It’s a realistic story about family, love, mistakes and forgiveness – and it doesn’t get more Christmassy than that!

4| Love Actually

Everyone can relate to Love Actually in some way or another (you could be Martine McCutcheon waiting to meet a rich Mr. Right or you could be Kiera Knightly already married to the love of your life) but the best thing about it? There are happy endings all around, hooray!

Love Actually Love Actually

5| The Christmas Candle

This 2013 Christmas movie takes you back in time to 19th Century England. Expect twists and turns, a romantic fairytale and some Christmas miracles to make you go “aww”.

6| Black Christmas

If you’re sick of sweet, soppy happy endings, this is the one to watch (but probably not alone). It’s a 1974 slasher movie that could turn your crimbo dream into a nightmare. Eeek!

7| Christmas In The City

Christmas In The City with Ashanti is unashamedly cheesy. It’s a cool/corny rom com celebrating the magic of Christmas time and you can expect everything from lots of giggles and hot topless men to a sickly-sweet romance.

8| Jingle All The Way

Christmas isn’t Christmas without Arnie. And a little birdie tells us that this movie is now available to watch on Netflix, so warm that hot cocoa and toast those marshmallows at the ready!

Jingle All The Way Jingle All The Way

9| A Very Murray Christmas

This Netflix special is an A-list spectacular. With sketches from George Clooney (#swoon), Chris Rock and Miley Cyrus, Bill Murray brings us a meta-variety show filled with festive cheer.

10| Frozen

This animated movie’s got snow, it’s got Olaf, it’s got singing and it’s got reindeer – and that’s what gets us in the festive spirit. If you haven’t seen it yet, we suggest you wrap up warm and have some tissues at the ready.