Bonfire Night Accessories Bonfire Night Accessories

Ok, so let’s get one thing straight. It’s dark, it’s chilly and this ain’t no paradise island. Beach bums and sun goddesses (yep, we’re talking to you), it’s time for a reality check. Because winter in the UK isn’t designed for South Beachers. Leave that Miami dream at the doorstep because once you step inside the realms of a bonfire party, it’s all about faux fur and mittens. And lucky for you, us beach folk are prepared for that too (shop our winter accessories).

So Bonfire Night is looming and it’s times like these that we can really embrace good old British weather, right? Think smoking fires, fabulous fireworks, tasty toffee apples and lots of hot mulled cider to warm your cockles. Here’s our ultimate bonfire party checklist…


If you’re not kicking back on a beach on the 5th of November *double checks calendar*, then you need to be armed with some sufficient toe warmers. Bonfire night may = yummy toffee + piping hot booze. But our calculations always tell us that it = freezing cold feet! So pack these Cream Pom Pom Socks to wear under your boots and don’t let that evening chill beat you.


Jokes. These muffs won’t cancel out much noise we’re afraid. But we promise that our Grey Faux Fur Ear Muffs will keep your ears warm and keep you looking totally chic and stylish.

Grey Faux Fur Ear Muffs Grey Faux Fur Ear Muffs


Indoor or outdoor, the onesie is the only way of guaranteeing consistent heat from head to toe. If you’re more afraid of the cold than you are of the fireworks, make sure you put on your warmest, cosiest, softest onesie! We think this Black and White Baroque Print Onesie is absolutely gorgeous and is ideal for watching fireworks from your window or for braving the cold in your neighbour’s garden.


Let’s have a serious moment now party peeps; if we have one word of advice, it’s “play safe”. Bonfire flames can be dangerous if you get too close and no-one wants the tassels from their scarf setting alight from sparklers. So opt for the ultimate Bonfire-approved neck warmer; the snood. Our Camel Chunky Textured Knit Snood will keep you warm and you’ll get a gold star from the fire warden.

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