trick or treat pumpkin Lots of treats please!

Halloween party people, listen up. Now this applies to everyone out there. GBBO worthy experts, it’s time to get your aprons on. Girls who can’t bake to save their lives, it’s time to stock up on ready-made cake mix. Because whether you’re Mary Berry or just very wary (of your own kitchen skills), anyone and everyone can decorate. So if you’re throwing a Halloween bash this year, be sure to treat your guests to these fabulous themed treats. They won’t be “boo-ing” you out of the kitchen with our delicious cake ideas! And for Halloween outfit inspiration, don’t forget to check out our recent blog post or shop our Halloween section.

Here are our top 4 easy peasy cupcake decorations for Halloween…

1| Chocolate Ghoul Cupcakes

Chocolate Ghoul Cupcakes Chocolate Ghoul Cupcakes

Skills required: a teensy weensy bit of piping

Cupcake decorating has never been simpler. All you need is some ghost-white frosting (made from icing sugar, butter and a dash of milk), a piping bag and some chocolate chips or edible sugar eyes (available from most cake supply stores). Dollop a small mound of frosting on top of your cupcake as a base and then pipe around it to create a ghoul-like shape. If you’re a baking swot and haven’t bought in ready-made cakes like us, check out the full cake recipe over at Everyday Southwest.

2| Cute Spider Cupcakes

Cute Spider Cupcakes Cute Spider Cupcakes

Skills required: nimble finger work (and a bit of patience)  

We can’t decide whether these cakes are cute or creepy. But what we do know is that they are super easy to make! All you need is liquorice, some chocolate chips and some edible eyes. Smooth a little chocolate frosting over your cupcake to form the base, sprinkle over chocolate chips or chocolate shavings to create a textured body, and then add the liquorice sticks for legs. So simple! Go to Five Heart Home for the full instructions and more images.

3| Green Frankenstein Cupcakes

Green Frankenstein Cupcakes Green Frankenstein Cupcakes

Skills required: basic fondant modelling / cutting

Neatness is key for these super cool cupcakes. But once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s as easy as slice, cut, arrange. And repeat. Use green, black and white fondant icing (buy the ready to roll stuff) and create shapes with your knife or a fondant cutter. To create the funky neck bolts, simply spray some fondant with an edible metallic spray. See the recipe online at Good to Know.

4| Witch Hat Cupcakes

Skills required: pre-school painting skills   

Now if you’re looking for a fool-proof Halloween decorating idea, try these upside down chocolate cone witch hats! They’re so easy and the only skill required is some basic painting…..with chocolate, mmm! Use a clean paintbrush and coat your ice cream cones with the melted chocolate before letting them dry. Or even better, make your own dark chocolate cones from scratch. Wait. Who are we kidding? ;)

A smear of choc frosting will help you secure the hat onto the cupcake (upside down of course) and you can pipe on some finishing details to complete the spooky witch hats. Visit Pop Sugar for more info.

Look out for our Halloween bake off on Friday 30th October , raising awareness for the charity Genesis UK.