Drew Barrymore in Scream Drew Barrymore in Scream

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween movie party for your besties, having a cosy night in with your beau, or braving it alone (AKA hiding behind your sofa), we beg you not to proceed without precaution. No movie night is complete without the following equipment: popcorn, slipper socks and onesies! If you’re going to be scared out of your wits, you need to be comfy so make sure you browse our loungewear section for your Halloween night in! And here are our top 10 scary movies to make your night a frightful one…

1 | The Shining

If you still haven’t seen The Shining with Jack Nicholson, like where have you been? You can never beat a good classic; just make sure you’ve got something on your feet as you may end up running out of the room in fear.

The Shining The Shining

2| Insidious II

The thought of this movie makes us nervous. If you found the first one jumpy, this one will have you jumping behind the sofa for sure.

Insidious II Insidious II

3| The Exorcist

Another amazing classic that will have you biting your nails in fear. Not recommended for lone viewing!

The Exorcist The Exorcist

4| Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity is still as scary as the first ever movie if you ask us. If you want jumps, frights and an aftermath of nightmares, Paranormal Activity 3 will deliver. #triedandtested

Paranormal Activity 3 Paranormal Activity 3

5| Unfriended

We love this movie because it’s shot completely online. Yep, you heard us right. It’s a digital experience about friends who are contacted by the dead via Facebook. You won’t want to receive a friend request ever again…

Unfriended Unfriended

6|The Bababook

On a level of scary to very scary, we’d say it was just scary enough. So if you’re on your own (or if your boyfriend’s a complete wuss) then this is the perfect movie rental for your Halloween night.

The Bababook The Bababook


7| The Conjuring

If you’re bored of the same old modern horror movies, this terrifying film change your mind. Just beware though, the witch will jump out from nowhere.

The Conjuring The Conjuring

8| Annabelle

One word. Creepy. If you find dolls scary, Annabelle will make your night a living hell.

Annabelle Annabelle

9| It Follows

This is most definitely one of our top favourites. A must watch if you’ve got a group of best pals to protect you.

It Follows It Follows

10| The Exorcism of Emily Rose

“Harrowing” is the only way we can describe it. It’s horrible in every way and if you didn’t believe in the devil before, you will believe after watching this.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose The Exorcism of Emily Rose