A beautiful new year = a beautiful new you. It’s time to revamp your routine and get fit and fabulous for the year ahead. Here are the ways to make you slay in 2018…

1. Work Out in Style

Pink & Purple Cut Out Fitness Top

No more old t-shirts and ill-fitting gym rags. This is the year to own your workout wardrobe. Because looking fab is the ultimate motivation when you’re trying to burn off those calories. And who doesn’t love a gym selfie, right?


2. Get Smooth with Smoothies

One of the easiest ways to smooth out those lumps and bumps is to add more calcium to your diet with cellulite-busting smoothies. Ingredients such as yoghurt help to reduce body fat, whilst vitamin C rich fruits can improve your skin with a boost of collagen.

3. Eat the Rainbow


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No, we don’t mean stocking up on Skittles or ice cream sprinkles. We mean phytochemicals (Google it girls) from fruit and veg – the natural way to get healthy and gorgeous. It’s the nutritionist trend of the moment, so get on it pronto!

4. Make Your Own Face Mask

Treat your skin to the natural ingredients found in your kitchen. Face masks are so easy to make and can help you get an instant glow. Try egg white and lemon to clear your pores or oatmeal and yoghurt for skin rehydration.

5. Mix up Your Fitness Class

Mixed classes (such as BoxingYoga™) are all the rage this year. So kick start your 2018 with an invigorating workout to get your body prepped for beach season. Boxing not only torches calories and burns fat fast, but it’s also great for your heart and for keeping your mind healthy!

6. Scrub in the Tub

Not only is a bath totally relaxing (ahh), but it can be a great way to cleanse and moisturise your whole bod. Just make sure you have a good scrub and exfoliate well. It’s time to shed away 2017 and start 2018 with beautiful skin from head to toe.


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