Kale and wheatgrass at the ready. The South Beach January detox plan is underway and we’re giving our bodies the ultimate clean-out.



If like Adele, wheatgrass is your new best friend (we prefer ours in shots thanks), then you’re ready to join our detox girlgang. Here is everything you need to become a member…..THE ULTIMATE JANUARY DETOX KIT.

1. Smoothie Maker

No self-respecting health junkie can be without a smoothie maker. There are so many fantastic detox recipes that can help you rejuvenate your skin, get rid of acne, help you lose weight or even help you ward off flu!

2. Hot New Workout Gear

It’s time to turn a new leaf at the gym and nothing motivates us more than a shiny new wardrobe. Gentle, low intensity aerobic exercise is greatfor detoxing. So sign up to those weekly dance and Zumba classes to increase fat burn and give your bod a new lease of life.


3. The Kayla Itsines Book

Take tips from Kayla when it comes to healthy eating and fitness. Her book can help you achieve a better bikini body diet in 28 days.

4. Anything Charcoal

Activated charcoal is the ultimate way to eliminate toxins from your body. There are many charcoalsupplements available from good health shops, but we prefer the hipster way to detox thank you. The charcoal latte.

5. An Indoor Herb Garden

As well as refuelling the body with healthy nutrients from veggies, it’s important to include herbs into your detox diet. Basil helps the metabolic breakdown and elimination of chemicals in the blood, whilst coriander helps to excrete mercury and other heavy metals out of the body. Who knew that these tiny little plants had so much power?

6. Cute Eye Mask


Anything that can help you sleep is welcomed, because good detoxing requires enough rest. It’s time to readjust and allow our bodies to go back to neutral after the heavy party season. Sufficient sleep also helps us lose weight, so never miss a good snooze!



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