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Want to blow away those cobwebs and rid those winter blues in time for spring? There’s a juice for that. Want to boost your energy levels and get geared up for the gym? There’s a juice for that. Want to give your diet a healthy head start and tap into your body’s natural metabolism? There’s a juice for that. Whatever your health and fitness goals for 2016, there’s a miracle juice out there that can help. Our juice game is strong and here are some of our faves…

The Power Juice

The Power Juice The Power Juice

Best for: energy

Dust off the winter blues once and for all with vitamin A and vitamin C packed juice. Not only will this increase your energy levels, but the rich red colour from the beetroot, orange and carrot will lift your mood too!

250g carrot

125g beetroot

1 orange

125g strawberries

Spicy Ginger

carrot juice Spicy Ginger

Best for: dieting

Roughly chop the ginger and blend with ingredients then serve over ice for a hot / cold spicy sensation. This tasty juice has a fiery kick and it will help to boost your metabolism and awaken the senses.

300g carrot

50g fennel

75g celery

2.5cm cube fresh ginger

Raspberry Boost

Raspberry juice Raspberry Boost

Best for: immune system

This juice is best for battling cold and flu and there’s no better way to detox than to give your immune system a helping hand in getting you healthy for summer. So blitz together this deliciously sour papaya, grapefruit and raspberry combo and the sniffles will be no more.

150g papaya

150g grapefruit

150g raspberries

½ lime

Melon Heaven

melon juice Melon Heaven

Best for: detoxifying

Flush out the toxins and give your whole body a spring clean. Bursting with vitamin C and beta-carotene, watermelon makes the perfect detoxifier – plus it totally tastes like summer! This simple yet tasty juice is best blitzed with a couple of ice cubes and garnished with fresh mint, mmm.

200g watermelon

200g strawberries