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One of the first things we were taught, when I started studying as a physiotherapist was, that every day we are working on our ageing process!! Think about that for a moment… everything you do today will affect you later in life!


What you do today will (among other things) have effect on: 


// the way you age

// your happiness

// if you will be healthy or suffer from lifestyle diseases

// how you will look

// wellbeing


Already back then I decided that your overall lifestyle matters! Of course you can take a few days off from exercising and eat a bit unhealthy now and again, but in general you should live a healthy, active lifestyle. - And it is never too late to start.



I believe that 30 minutes of exercise a day is very important and something we can all fit in. One day a week should be a rest day.

It can seem very difficult at times to fit in exercise, as a mum of 2 little ones: one 4 year old and one 1 year old, I know that time is precious.

When I had given birth to my first son I would go hiking with him every day for about 45 minutes and I loved it, but then when I had my second child that became too complicated.

I started working out at home every day, because I wanted to get more toned as well as in shape again. I was following workouts on YouTube and decided that with my background as a physio and a pilates instructor, I should start making my own workouts and share them on YouTube.

So I started making workouts with my baby, which was a bit different, but we both loved it! Now I am doing a variety of different workouts incl. pilates and ballet, - I am a beginner in ballet, which is a new project I started recently as well.  Check out my YouTube channel for mini work outs!


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I believe that foodwise there is a 80-20 relationship, that means that we should live healthy 80% of the time and then there is a 20% leeway for more unhealthy choices.

To me it is important that healthy food is colourful (lots of colourful veggies)!

It is not enough to just think about the macros - carb, protein and fat. The micros - vitamins and minerals, are just as important.

I believe you should have 3 main courses and 3-4 healthy snacks every day. You really should eat every 2-3 hours.

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast, which should be consumed within the first 30-45 minutes after waking up, is essential to start the day with the right energy, and it will help you make healthy choices throughout the day (due to stabilising the blood sugar levels). Lunch and dinner should be meals with a protein source, vegetables and complex carbs. and all snacks should have protein as well.

A fruit is not a proper snack, if you don’t have protein with it you´ll have a spike in your blood sugar levels and need to eat something quickly again.

I avoid refined carbs; sugar, bread, flour, rise, potato and pasta, most of the time.

I also avoid most cereals and dairy products.

I do eat chocolate every day, always dark 70-75%, otherwise I get in a bad mood ;).

I definitely have a sweet tooth, I love cake and sweets and we do allow ourselves treats in the weekends, but I love creating new healthy cake recipes! In those recipes I always avoid gluten, refined sugar, and dairy products and I try to use as little ingredients as I can, just because they are so much easier to do and remember like that.

Keeping life simple, delicious and healthy is what makes it a lifestyle possible to maintain in the long run.

Check out Tine Johansen's blog and YouTube channel for more useful information!

Food glorious healthy food! Food glorious healthy food! Tine Johansen.