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We’re pretty awesome when it comes to searching out the best healthy recipes. Yep, we’re constantly thinking of ways to stay healthy here at South Beach. But we’re also pretty bad at saying no to cake. And pizza. And chocolate. So we know the importance of striking that balance; creating beautiful, nutrient-rich, tasty dishes that will curb our cravings and keep us satisfied until our next meal.

Here are three of the most popular healthy recipes of last year; they were all over Pinterest and Instagram, and they proved their worth with the rest of the nation back in 2014. But what about us? And what about now? We decided to take them all for a test drive in 2015 and here are our findings…

Cauliflower Pizza by Popsugar

Cauliflower Pizza Cauliflower Pizza

Difficulty Level: can be time consuming but easy to make

Taste Factor: delicious!

This fantastic recipe by Popsugar replaces a conventional pizza base with a gluten-free base made from grated cauliflower. Mixed with egg and mozzarella, the consistency of the base becomes a crunchy/chewy alternative – yum! In fact, after trialling it with some of the biggest pizza fans in the office, we’ve decided that it could even be better than actual pizza. Maybe. See the full recipe here.


Stuffed Courgettes by Eating Well

Stuffed Zucchini Stuffed Zucchini

Difficulty Level: easy peasy

Taste Factor: great if you love courgettes

The humble courgette rose to fame with the spiralizing phenomenon; it changed the world of carbs forever. But another hugely popular recipe of last year was the stuffed courgette. There are so many different versions but we particularly like Eating Well Magazine’s take on it because it brings together two of our favourite ingredients, sausages and quinoa.  See the full recipe here.


Breadless Burger by

Mushroom Burger Mushroom Burger

Difficulty Level: just as easy as making a normal burger

Taste Factor: a decent substitute if you don’t mind the mess

Toasted bread buns are substituted with Portobello mushrooms. Visually, it looks pretty amazing. And the structure of the burger stays the same which we love. But it can be a bit messy to eat, as the mushroom oozes so much juice and there’s a distinct taste/texture difference. If you don’t particularly like mushrooms, your first bite could be a bit underwhelming.  But definitely worth a try if you’re trying to cut out bread. See the full recipe here.


We hope you give these fantastic recipes a try. And let us know if you love or hate them! For gymspiration, don’t forget to keep checking in on our blog and check out our latest Fitness Range online.