green smoothie Beach bod here we come

Have you seen? Our brand new Boutique Swimwear Collection is to DIE FOR. From tropical florals and flirty fringing to naughty neon and animal prints, the entire swimsuit and bikini range will put cartoon hearts in your eyes. So it’s time to shape up and ship out those old takeaway menus (into the bin preferably). Here at South Beach Swim, we’re getting bikini-beautiful for the summer. But it’s not just regular exercise that can make us look and feel great; it’s what we put inside our bodies.

If like us, you’ve been dabbling in the art of smoothie making (yes, it’s a fine art), you might like to hear about the 3 top super foods that could boost your body, mind and soul. To look and feel amazing this summer, here are the 3 super food ingredients that your smoothie recipes just can’t live without!


If you don’t like your greens, wheatgrass could be the best thing for you since sliced bread. With way less calories than sliced bread too. Jam packed with all the nutrients and minerals known to man, it is literally POTENT in goodness. Containing vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin L, vitamin K, a high amount of protein and 17 amino acids, it does everything from neutralise toxins and purify your liver to balancing blood sugar, and it can even stop the signs of ageing.

Add a tablespoon to your next veggie smoothie or drink it as a shot (just pretend it’s vodka).


Seeds are definitely underrated in our opinion. And one of the best seeds you can have is the cheeky chia seed. These tiny little black dots might be small in size, but they sure make up for it in nutrients. High in fibre and high in protein but waaay low in calories, these little seeds can help you lose weight.

Add to your next fruit smoothie or sprinkle on top of your salads for an added crunch.


If there were gods and goddesses in the food word, Manuka honey would be the leading lady. A magical cure for just about every ailment in the body, this special honey is an antibacterial, an anti-inflammatory, it improves the immune system, it improves digestion and reduces bloating, it gives you natural energy, it improves dry skin, helps acne, and it’s also a natural antibiotic. All in all, it’s pretty darn magical. And guess what – it tastes delicious too!

Sweeten up your smoothies with this delicious nectar or use it as a sugar alternative in cooking and baking.

Love our top 3 super foods? If you’re looking after your body and keeping fit this season, don’t forget to check out our latest Fitness Collection.