How to have the most babein' night inHow to have the most babein' night in How to have the most babein' night in

If you scroll through the ‘gram and have FOMO of other babes’ social lives, don’t. Staying in is the new going out these days. And girls in the know are getting over FOMO to get all JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) because there’s nothing chicer than chillin’ with a movie in the comfort of your own home. As long as you’ve got your girl gang with you, that is! It’s all about being selective, even when those invites flood in. Because sweetie, no-one wants to be that bae who goes to the opening of an envelope. Choose your events wisely, embrace the JOMO, and spend some quality time with the closest members of your squad. Here’s how to have the most babein’ night in and gain serious girl points with your fave gal pals!

1. Low Cal Popcorn

No girl squad should go hungry so stock up on the best low calorie snack for those dietin’ dolls. Air popped popcorn is a healthy low grain food (30 calories per cup when eaten plain) and a much cooler alternative to crisps. Sprinkle a little sugar for that nostalgic cinema feel and serve in a big sharing bowl so you can cosy up to your bezzies.

2. Something Pink

Supersoft Fleece Hoodie Onesie

Girl’s night in is never complete without something pink and pretty. So why not go all out with our Supersoft Fleece Hooded Onesie? Couch connoisseurs have to look the part (couch potato is a no-no) so pull out all the stops with your loungewear to get everyone in the movie ‘n’ popcorn spirit.

3. Statement Slippers

White Unicorn 3D Slippers

No more painful blisters or sores on the balls of your feet – hang those torturous dancing heels up for now. Because it’s all about soft, plush, heavenly comfort at your next sleepover party! Statement shoes aren’t just for the club though so make sure you’ve hooked everyone up with a novelty number like these super cute White Unicorn 3D Slippers from the South Beach collection.

4. Cocktail Maker

Cocktail Maker

If there’s grade-A goss and classified chinwag on your agenda, it’s time to shake up those drinks pronto. And not to worry if you’re all working on your Ibiza bodies – because non-alcoholic cocktails can be just as fun when you’ve got your best girls there to make you LOL.

5. Spa Robes

Hooded Teddy Bear Robe

A robe or dressing gown is essential for your night in, especially if you’re planning on a little post-movie pampering. Just make sure you’ve stocked up on the right face mask for every squad member’s skin type and you’ll get ALL the friendship points. For something cute and cuddly, go for our Hooded Teddy Bear Robe with Ears – made for those girl group huddles!

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