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If your New Year’s resolution is to be more #fitfam than unfit, then welcome aboard our health and fitness resolutions train for 2017. New year = new goals and this calendar year, we’re all about looking and feeling good at the same time. It’s not just about having the perfect beach bod in time for summer, it’s also about mental and emotional well being. And in order to feel as great as you look, regular exercise and a balanced diet is key. If you need motivation for 2017, here are some New Year’s resolutions to get you started.


// Try new classes

In order to kick start our body training, it’s important to keep exercise routines fresh and continue pushing ourselves. This means trying new ways to test our bodies such as changing up our workouts, swapping your exercise DVD, or trying different classes at the gym. New classes are also a great way to meet new friends and keep yourself motivated when boredom and familiarity set in.


// Explore the outdoors

If you’re bored of the gym or you feel like you’re getting nowhere fast with your cardio, mix it up and take your workout outside! There’s nothing better than being outdoors and getting a bit of fresh air (no matter the weather) so skip the treadmill and try a countryside or urban jogging route instead.  SHOP FOR RUNNING GEAR


// Worship your body

No more body shaming. No more self-pity. It’s time to love ourselves – and our fellow women! Exercising without confidence can be near impossible so worship your body and give your friends the confidence to hit the gym too. It’s always better working out together, so help those around you with encouraging words and if you’ve got the type of gym buddies who care, the support will be reciprocated!


// Dress like a gym goddess

There’s no point hitting the gym this year unless you’re prepared. And to be prepared, you need to look and feel good about yourself. Start by refreshing your workout wardrobe with our NEW IN fitness range and you’ll be ready for action. Dress like a gym goddess, be confident and nothing can stand in your way in 2017.  SHOP NEW FITNESS COLLECTION


// Add resistance to your workouts

Don’t forget to push yourself to the max if you want to see big results. If you nailed your fitness goals in 2016, don’t stop there. Add even more resistance to your workouts to really test your strength. If you’ve been using weights, stack ‘em up. If you’re walking or hiking, try throwing in some ankle weights. If you’re doing floor exercises, use a resistance band.


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