Are You Still On Track? Are You Still On Track?

January Blues have well and truly hit us all... are you still on track with your New Years Resolutions?

Or did you not even bother setting any?! Well its not too late - you have 11 months left!

On a more positive note - here at South Beach HQ we started off good but have had a bit of a lapse. The treats are back out in the office and the will power is quite low! But we are all happy - and that's the main thing!

If you're in the same boat, lets go forward together! The top 3 on our 'to do in the New Year' List was:

  • Get back to the Gym / Yoga - or just something you love: we are still doing this and the yoga is amazing, you don't realise how much you miss something until you start doing it again. I feel a bit of YOU TIME is so important. We all rush round in our little bubbles - but do we actually sit down and work on ourselves. Working out in a new fitness sets makes you feel great too! :)


  • Plan tomorrow the night before! If you're anything like me you wing life a lot! Well not any more (apart from the odd day perhaps) - but I am going to plan ahead more and try and plan tomorrow the night before, its better for your mind and for the people around you. It'll make you a whole load more organised too - yes tick two!


  • Go Green... - As we are developing the new SS19 range - which the majority is going to be made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles) - it made me and a few of the other girls think about how they could become 'cleaner' for the environment at home too! At work we all got given new water bottles to stop the plastic cup usage and at home I personally started to buy bulk shampoo - I went for a 5l tub of Faith in Nature Coconut Shampoo! Also wooden tooth brushes - its not a massive change but every little helps and if everyone was to contribute it would make a massive difference! #savingtheplanet


And in the mean time if you want that treat for yourself - we've got a few good ideas, that will keep you cosy or fit at the same time!

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