Christmas Belly Blitz... Christmas Belly Blitz...

Our guest blogger Eltoria - is here to help shift those extra pounds with her Christmas Belly Blitz (PE styled) workout video below which will help to loose those pounds you picked up during the festivities - mince pies, chocolate, turkey sandwiches... you name it, we probably ate it!  With the average person gaining 4lb over the holidays - exercise is key!  Check out her blog post too here!


"Not only is this 10 minute workout ideal for anyone, but it is also suitable to do at home so there is no excuse when it comes to kicking starting getting rid of that Christmas weight. As well as having a good routine planned, motivation is also key. This is why every year I update my fitness wardrobe with South Beach and this year they really do have some gorgeous pieces to get you in the mood."

Happy sweating! :-)