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It’s AW16 and we’re bored of the same old workouts at the gym. It’s time to switch up our routine so we can cut up those extra curves in time for chrimbo. Whether you want to squeeze into your favourite LBD for the party season or you’re working on your winter sun abs, it’s important to keep challenging yourself on gym day. Changing up your workout regime is a great way to push your body and keep your mind motivated. So keep the end goal in sight, treat yourself to a new fitness wardrobe, and take a look at these 3 new things to try at the gym to keep your fitness game strong.


Trampolining  -  Take a trampolining class or use your gym’s trampoline facilities and you could burn up to 1,000 calories an hour (according to some specialist trampoline gyms, that is). Fact or fiction, we know that trampoline workouts are still a serious high fat blaster. And it’s much more fun than the treadmill. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go and jump your way to a fit bod in time for winter.


Tyre Flipping  -  If you want to improve your strength, work on your core and get great abs, try your hand at tyre flipping. It’s predominantly a male bodybuilding workout technique but more and more women are getting involved as they learn the importance of strength and conditioning. Not all gyms have tyres but if yours does, use them to carve out your winter sun six pack! Just be sure to adopt a good technique because it ain’t flippin’ easy. ;)


Barrecore  -  This is a new exercise class in 2016 and anyone who’s anyone is doing it. Barrecore is an LA born workout that has become the latest craze in places like Chelsea and other parts of London, and is best known for its lasting benefits. The hour long class uses the body’s own weight for a fun, effective workout that triggers a hormone reaction to continue melting fat for the next four days. So go hardcore at Barrecore then put your feet up, watch Netflix and let the calories melt off…..


Fresh gym routine Blogger Samantha Perazzani