Work It Girl Work It Girl


January... New Year, New Me... we've heard it all before.


But here are a few tips to make working out at home easier:

  1. PLAN: Always plan what you are going to do - otherwise you end up thinking on the spot and not doing a proper workout as you've run out of time! We always try to have one of these:








2. STOP WATCH: Use a stop watch to time yourself, otherwise you'll end up cheating! Use reps and do 30  seconds on and 30 seconds off.


3. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Always push yourself, even though you're at home. Make sure you are sweating and seriously tired once you are done - if not... you've not pushed yourself hard enough!


4. NO DISTRACTIONS: Make sure you have no distractions, no TV, no phone - clear mind and set it aside for the workout!


Enjoy! And if you need any new work out gear - head to our fitness section! You'll feel better in a new outfit to work out in too!