Whats in our South Beach Gym Bag Shop what you need for your Gym Bag this Autumn...

It’s starting to get chilly outside but Autumn/Winter is no time to slack. And it’s important to stay motivated when it comes to getting body beautiful. If it’s getting too dark or too cold to exercise outdoors, it’s time to take your workouts to the gym. So what do you need in your gym bag for cutting it up this Autumn? Here’s a sneak peek inside the South Beach gym bag


1// Autumn Gym Kit

Marl is the colour for winter workouts and our Jnana Racer Back Vest (£12.00) with matching Danni Dalmatian Fitness Leggings (£20.00) will have you looking on fleek for the colder weather. Don’t forget to pack a hoodie though for when you have to step outside!


2// BPA Free Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is extremely important in the colder months; it’s easy to forget to keep drinking plenty of liquids when we’re cold. BPA free water bottles are not only super chic and great for storing H2O, but they’re free from hormones too so you can enjoy the purest hydration for your workout sessions.


3// Yoga Mat / Towel

This fantastic Bandana Print Round Towel (£25.00) doubles up as a yoga mat, and it’s right on trend with this year’s #yogatitude vibes. It’s a take anywhere kinda towel so you don’t just have to use it at the gym or at your next yoga class. It’s great for winter beach workouts or some post-run outdoor stretching.


4// MP3 Headphones

When darkness hits, it’s time to take scenic park runs indoors. This means, you’ll need a decent MP3 player, preferably in built MP3 headphones so you can cut it up on the treadmill without any restrictions. They’re definitely worth investing in if you get bored running without outdoor scenery or stimulation.


5// Swimming Costume

If working out indoors is just not your thing, it’s important to change things up to stay motivated. Hit the pool once in a while with our Bey ‘I Slay’ Swimsuit (£24.00) to make a change from your usual cardio routine. It’s a statement slogan one piece that will have heads turning.


6// Spa Robe

Nothing soothes aching muscles like a good sauna or steam room. And you’ll definitely want to make the most of your gym’s facilities during the cold autumn months. Pack this Emily Luxury Fleece Hooded Robe (£25.00) to keep cosy after a post-workout spa session. Go on, you deserve it…