January Blues
  • Make sure you GO OUT! We know its the time people make new years resolutions like giving up alcohol - but seriously if you don't go out you are going to seriously get the blues! Go out and have fun and don't make unrealistic NY Resolutions, there are 11 more months of the year for that!
  • TRY SOMETHING NEW - think of the one thing you've always wanted to do, and just do it! There's never been a better time.
  • PLAN A HOLIDAY - its dark, cold and nothing to look forward to... so what's the next best thing to do - start searching for a get away! Even if you don't book it straight away - it'll cheer you up no end looking at the sunny beaches and cocktails by the pool!
  • SELF REFLECT - Take time to think about yourself and your life - you've been so caught up buying presents and making sure everyone else you know is happy you sometimes forget about yourself. Pick a new hobby to start or think about the things you'd like to change in your life and make sure you right them down so you can tick them off!
  • EXERCISE - I know its the cliché in January but do join a gym! It'll lift your spirits and its an excuse to buy some new gym gear!
  • Start the day differently - scrap the coffee (SORRY!) and get hot water and lemon! It'll change the way your day goes and make you feel a million times better - like a different person. Magnesium is suppose to be good for giving more energy too!
  • Do the 4 Min Rule - Be your 'best self' for the first 4 minutes of anywhere you go - at work, home, meeting - you'll literally change the mood of the day and its pretty infectious I can tell you!
  • Make sure you LAUGH at least once a day! It doesn't matter at what - but make sure someone or something makes you giggle! If you haven't and its nearly bedtime put on a funny film! :-)


Happy New Year Girls - thank us later! x