This week we've got a guest post from beautiful blogger Tienlyn from She's been extending her summer down at Ocean Beach and giving us major beach body envy! She's our latest girl crush so check out her beautiful photo's in her South Beach bikini and matching beach bag. We need us some September sun!

Usually when I look for a bikini, I stick to silhouettes that I know will work for me. But every once in a while, I see a suit that makes me want to try something new. Case in point, this bikini from South Beach. I've been going on and on lately about how much I'm currently into mixing feminine aspects with a sharper touch and that's exactly what's going on with this bikini. The soft ruffles are contrasted by the neutral khaki colour, the modern hardware, and the multitude of straps. Oh, and bonus - the ruffle top is insanely flattering for your waist - huge bonus for a bikini, right?

metallic bikini Nina x Nela

We shot this after a short jaunt in our old neighbourhood by Ocean Beach and it really made me miss living right next to the ocean. Nikko and I used to go running on the sand every day and I have so many good memories here. Luckily, it's never too far if we crave the ocean. And now that the Indian Summer is starting to really kick in in San Francisco, not to mention we're heading back down south to the desert in a week, I'd say bikini season is officially extended!

metallic bikini Nina x Nela tienlyn-thoughtful-misfit3 Nina x Nela tienlyn-thoughtful-misfit9 Nina x Nela tienlyn-thoughtful-misfit Nina x Nela Nina x Nela Nina x Nela white beach bag Karla Embossed Shoulder Bag