girl in gym lifting weights @georgiesloves

One of our favourite fitness bloggers - GeorgeisLoves - has done a guest post for us, listing her top 10 fitness tips. She also chose her favourite fitness set from our latest Monozone collection, and looks absolute fab! Gymspiration or what? Shop her look here.

1- Stay hydrated- Water speeds up your metabolism, clears your body of toxins & helps everything in your body run smoothly. Fruit bottles are a fun way to make water a whole lot more exciting. Lemon & lime is my fave!

2 - Create a killer playlist! Music is a HUGE motivation for me. I can't get enough of 'I Loved You' by Blonde & 'Dangerous' by David Guetta. Spotify have some fab ready made workout playlists with something for everyone.

3 - Take a 'healthy selfie' - Use photos to track your progress instead of scales. My weight hasn't really changed since my fitness journey, but my body definitely has.

4 - Eat clean - Basically, if you can't pronounce it, don't eat it! (Apart from quinoa... You should defo eat that!) I thoroughly recommend the Deliciously Ella & Hemsley Hemsley books for heaps of healthy menu inspiration.

5 - Take the stairs! - Always chose the active option. Clench those buttocks while doing the drinks round at work (just make sure no one is behind you!), do your stretches while the ad breaks are on, or do 20 standing ab crunchies after your toilet stop. The results will add up- Get creative!

6 - Home workouts- These are a great excuse to keep your pjs on & save precious time. 'High Intensity Interval Training' (HIIT) workouts are the way forwards to burn stubborn fat in a hurry. Follow @HOME.EXERCISES on Insta or search YouTube for fab ideas.

7 - Cheat clean - There's lots of fab recipes on social media showing you how to create your all time fave puds in a guilt free way! From flapjacks to chocolate mug cakes! Just search the hashtag #cheatclean for inspiration.

8 - Remember to rest! Your body needs time to repair & build muscle so remember to chill a few times a week. Have a bath & light some candles!

9 - Fake tan! - This sounds silly, but applying a bit of the fake stuff really makes you look a lot leaner & more defined. Cocoa brown 1 hour tan & Soltan moose from Boots are my top picks.

10 - Dress the part - When I have taken an extra 10 mins to look good, I feel 100 times better & perform a lot better too. South Beach have a great selection of gym wear which is sure to keep you motivated & stylish. I love the Monozone collection as it's fun, flattering & practical.

black and white fitness wear crop top and fitness leggings @Georgiesloves