Fitness Blogger Amy Lyons Fitness Blogger Amy Lyons

Fitness blogger Amy Lyons has joined us for a Q&A about health and fitness - her biggest passions. We cover everything from motivation, favourite work-outs, inspirations and eating to fuel the body. Amy also tells us her favourite pieces from our latest fitness collection!

What motivates you most when working out?

A slightly odd one, but something I picked up from my personal trainer was listening to motivational speeches through my headphones during a workout instead of music.

Do you have a fitness routine that you like to stick to or do you mix it up?

I follow the same basic structure each week as I find this is the best way to keep me on track. If you’re heading to the gym after work when you are tired you can waste so much time deciding what to do if you haven’t pre-planned. I normally do heavy deadlifts, light squats and legs on a Saturday; a mixture of strength based cardio such as boxercise, spinning and swimming on a Sunday; HIIT based strength training on a Monday, such as a Crossfit workout; Upper body and abs on a Tuesday; Heavy squats, light deadlifts and legs on a Wednesday; rest on a Thursday and have another HIIT day on Friday with a Metafit class followed by an abs and arms circuit.

What kind of work outs do you enjoy most?

I do two to three days a week where I work on deadlifts and squats, alternating between light, heavy and medium weights. Every two weeks the heavy weight is increased by 2.5kg. Following this plan and hitting new personal bests is such a rewarding feeling and I find it so empowering knowing my strength is increasing.

What work outs do you find gets you the best results?

Strength training has completely changed my body shape over the past year. Instead of taking my existing shape and ‘toning’ it, it has created a completely different body and I love that transformation.

What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning their fitness journey?

Stick with it and be patient. Sustainable differences and transformations do not happen overnight (as much as Instagram wants us to believe they can). Quick fixes can work but not in the long term so it’s better to work at it little and often and maintain a body that you are happy with than stress about it in the run up to a holiday.

Does your routine change during winter?

I follow the same plan all year round, training roughly 6 days a week, however, in summer I have a lot more free time due to not working or attending uni, so tend to also incorporate some more relaxing aspects such as swimming, stretching and yoga.

Do you match your eating habits to your work out habits?

Yes. I don’t believe in crash dieting, instead I try to follow a healthy and natural diet all year round. I limit my sugar intake and make sure that I eat as much protein as possible to fuel my workouts. One of the most important lessons I learnt in relation to diet was ‘eat to please your body not to please your tongue’.

What’s your top fitness tip for us?

Set realistic goals, be positive and don’t compare your body or progress to anyone else’s.

Who’s your inspiration when you’re feeling unmotivated?

Emily Skye and Carly Rowena are fantastic bloggers who I admire so much. Lindsay Benson from ‘Lean Bean’ is also an amazing inspiration to me… I met her last year at the Cosmo Blog Awards and the UK Blog Awards and she is the loveliest girl who really helped to spark my desire to become strong.

What’s your favourite piece from our latest fitness collection?

I love the Coral crop top and the black and coral leggings. I love bright gym clothes and the fit of these is great.

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