12 Days of Fitness

The countdown has begun and we’re excited to be collaborating with some of your favourite beauty, fitness and wellbeing brands to get you gym-ready and feeling great for 2018! We’ll also be sharing our best gym hacks so read on for the best workout tips for the next 12 days at the gym…

Need a serious kick in the butt to get started on your new fitness regime for 2018? Not to worry, as our 12 Days of Fitness is already in full swing and we’re here to guide you to the perfect beach bod. Just in time for summer! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to find out more about what’s going to be happening over the next twelve days. We’ve already launched a fab giveaway with Pink Parcel and there’s so much more to come.

Here are our top 12 fitness tips to help you burn fat and calories to the max!

1. Walk or run to the gym

Walking or running to the gym is a great way of getting your heart rate up and boosting your workout!

2. Don’t skip the warm-up

In a rush is no excuse ladies…..warming up is key as it prevents injury and improves your performance.

3. Train with weights

Don’t just stick with cardio, try your hand at weights with each session. Resistance training is great for blasting fat.

4. Do High Intensity Intervals

HIIT is fantastic if you want big results in a shorter period of time. Need to be bikini ready pronto? High Intensity is the way to go.

5. Have caffeine before you workout

Enjoying a shot of espresso before the gym will make you work harder, faster and better.

6. Update your gym wardrobe

The way you look can really affect the way you feel. New year = new gear so shop our fitness range and give yourself a much needed confidence boost.

7. Change your workout

Keep things interesting and challenge your body with an ever-changing workout plan. This is great for shocking your body into burning more calories.

8. Don’t wait around for machines

It can be tempting to sit around waiting on machines, but this can be counterproductive. Change up your routine if need be and try another machine instead.

9. Try a new class

Solo workouts are great for ‘me time’, but classes are also so much fun. You may even make a new gym friend to help motivate you!

10. Stay hydrated

Never leave home without your water bottle. Water is essential to your health, and it can also prevent fatigue and prolong endurance during exercise.

11. Maximise your crunches

Wanna be ab fab? Make every crunch count and don’t relax your stomach muscles – hold the contraction even on your way down.

12. Power up your runs

Hitting the park instead of the gym? Then be sure to add squats and wall sits to the end of your run to strengthen quads, hamstrings and glutes.


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