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It’s time to mix it up, girls! If the same old gym routine has been leaving you disillusioned and completely unmotivated, it’s time to shake things up a bit and try something that’s totally outside of your comfort zone. Keep your eyes on the prize people (AKA a drop-dead-gorgeous-bikini-body-that-gives-Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley-run-for-her-money just in time for your beach holiday) and don’t fall off the bandwagon just yet. Here are 3 cool classes to try in 2015…


Yoga doesn’t work for everyone’s workout style. But the benefits are incredible; improved flexibility, increased focus, and super-duper toning powers! Combine that with the heat of something that resembles a sauna and you’ve got the recipe for an intense workout that flushes out all of your toxins – and not to mention, the added calories burned whilst sweating profusely.

Fitness Tip: Sip coconut water to rehydrate.

What to Wear: It’s going to get HOT. Swap leggings for shorts!



Ever imagine yourself as Julia Stiles in Save The Last Dance? This could be the closest you can get through the art of cardio-focused hip hop dancing called Bokwa. From the ‘L Shake’ to the ‘Bokwa J’, every dance move is formed around letters and numbers – so very easy to learn even for non-dance pros.

Fitness Tip: Bring a towel – you will sweat!

What to Wear: Get your dance swagger on in a cute crop top!

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Piloxing fuses together pilates and boxing to bring you an intense exercise that can sculpt your body without bulking. Get a firmer bum, tum, arms and legs whilst achieving high levels of fat burn.

Fitness Tip: Use a foam roller for muscle soreness post work-out.

What to Wear: Choose comfortable capri leggings that give you maximum movability!


Make sure you check out our full Fitness Range online and good luck with any new classes you decide to try this summer!

South Beach Team x

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