Fitness Apps Shape up with South Beach

Staying fit and sticking to that New Year’s resolution you made months and months back (remember that old thing?) couldn’t be easier now, ladies! Because technology is on our side! There are now more apps available to download than ever before and the biggest growing category? That’s right, health and fitness. So here are our top 5 fitness apps to get you started…’s how to be fit and appy in 2016…..

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  1. My Fitness Pal 

This one’s been around a while and we still love it. It lets you record your calorie intake + your calories burned so you can work out your end total for each day. And based on your weight, age and lifestyle, it even gives you a guideline on how many calories you should consuming on a daily basis in order to maintain or lose weight.


fitness apps My Fitness Pal
  1. Fit Radio 

If you’ve ever found yourself running to the tempo of your music, the Fit Radio App could be your new best friend. This free radio app creates smart DJ mixes which will help you keep a consistent beat, so for those who need to keep their heartrate up, Fit Radio is an awesome tool to have.


fitness apps Fit Radio
  1. Fitnet 

If you’ve been avoiding the gym like the plague then maybe you need to download Fitnet. This app features 5 minute and 7 minute workout plans that are designed for lazy couch potatoes who need something quick, easy and pain-free…..wait, we take that back. It’s not exactly pain-free. You see, Fitnet uses the camera on your phone to detect just how well you’re following the moves. So slackers can turn away now.


Fitness apps Fitnet
  1. Spotify Running 

You’ve got Spotify. And now it’s time to get Spotify Running. This is great for the treadmill but even better for outside running where the terrain changes constantly. Choosing the right song choice for your run is now a thing of the past – leave it to this clever app! Spotify will select the right songs to harmonise with your running pace. The ultimate fitness DJ!


Fitness apps Spotify Running
  1. Zombies, Run! 

If you just can’t take the gym seriously then maybe this will scare you into action. Zombie are chasing you down the street, they’re gaining speeds, your only option is to run harder and faster. Before you know it, you’ll have conquered 5k. But don’t worry, the app’s got a cool gaming element to it and you’ll have to stop to collect supplies so you will definitely have a chance to catch your breath. A great running app for people who hate running!


fitness apps Zombies Run