model holding pink weight in fitness wear Shape up with South Beach

If you eat, sleep and breathe the gym and your core focus is getting body beautiful in time for Ibiza, Miami or anywhere else for your next beach holiday, then you’re probably going to need the following. Here are 5 things that every self-respecting gym bunny CANNOT live without.

1// MP3 ARMBAND   

Don’t let boredom be your downfall. If the idea of an extra 15 minutes on the treadmill just makes you shrivel up inside – then you’re not doing it right. Get a playlist in order and make sure you have a decent armband to keep your iPod accessible at all times. Music will empower you!


There’s nothing more frustrating than being uncomfortable at the gym. And it doesn’t help your self-confidence either when your gym gear is frumpy. Our Rylee Black Animal Print Leggings (£26.00) and our Black Contrast Print Panel Leggings (£22.00) are both designed to be super slimming and comfy to wear. You’ll look and feel great!

Black Contrast Print Panel Gym Leggings Black Contrast Print Panel Leggings


The chemical bisphenol-a (known as BPA) is commonly found in various products made out of plastic, and recent research has linked this chemical to cancer, fertility problems, diabetes, skin problems and other health concerns. If you’re at the gym 24-7 drinking from a plastic water bottle, you might want to consider replacing it with a new BPA-free bottle. Better yet, choose one with a built-in filter and you can have fresh, clean water to quench your thirst during your workouts.


Nothing beats a foam roller post-workout. If you haven’t tried using one yet, we implore you to buy one. It will change your life forever. Roll out all your aches and pains and we promise it will make the gym so much easier.


Every gym bunny needs a good, trusty gym bag. One that doesn’t break at the first sign of over-packing, one that doesn’t let you down when you have gym, swim and yoga all in the same day , and one that doesn’t make you look like a sports hobo! Our Kacey Black South Beach Canvas Bag (£12.00) and our Kacey Pink South Beach Canvas Bag (£12.00) are stylish and practical. So look the part and never be without your gym essentials.

Black South Beach Canvas Gym Bag Kacey Black South Beach Canvas Bag