Marathon ready Marathon ready

Whether you’re inspired by the London Marathon or training for the Great North Run later this year – no matter which life-changing challenge you’re gearing up for in 2015 – NOW is the time to get physically and mentally primed. There’s no time like the present and if running around your local park is no longer jolting your joints, set your sights (and running shoes) on some new found running territory.

So replenish your tired fitness wardrobe, dust off that old iPod and get running in our top 4 outdoor runs to get you inspired and motivated.

Wendover Woods Wendover Woods

1 // Wendover Woods, The Chilterns

Distance: 6.5 miles (10km)

Starting postcode: HP22 6BN

Difficulty: Easy

For a blissful break from the city, bring your A-Game to Wendover Woods in The Chilterns. At 10km, you’ll be halfway through a Half Marathon, making it the perfect training for beginners. Sheltered from by trees the entire way, it’s a cool run (even in the summer) so remember to pack a running jacket or our Tara South Beach Hoodie (£30.00).


Beachy Head Beachy Head

2 // Beachy Head, Sussex

Distance: 15 miles (24km)

Starting postcode: BN20 7YA

Difficulty: Medium

You simply can’t beat the views at Beachy Head in Sussex. The breath-taking coastal panoramas will get you through the pain of this tough 24km run. It’s known to regular runners as a moderate difficulty trail and at 24km, you’ll be over halfway in a Full Marathon. Soak up the seaside sun and get body-buff in our Mandy Monozone Fitness Crop Top (£15.00) and matching Mira Monozone Fitness Shorts (£16.00).


Avon Gorge Avon Gorge

3 // Avon Gorge, Bristol  

Distance: 14 miles (23km)

Starting postcode: BS1 6DZ

Difficulty: Medium / hard

For an all-terrain challenge, take this hilly route in Bristol and put your pins to the test through this uphill and downhill running route. Some of the trail may be grassy or muddy so keep your legs covered and protected with our Black Contrast Running Leggings (£26.00). And don’t forget our matching Aztec Fitness Vest (18.00).


White to Dark Way White to Dark Way

4 // White to Dark Way, Peak District  

Distance: 27.5 miles (44km)

Starting postcode: DE45 1AQ

Difficulty: Medium / hard

This run is nail-bitingly tough. We warn you now; weaklings need not read on. Reserved for hardcore runners only, this 44km challenge is a Full Marathon and then some. But don’t be discouraged if you’re not ready for this one just yet. It’s all about prepping your mind and body and training your way up to the top.  If you’re biting the bullet and heading to the White Peak, make sure you take our Marina White Mesh Hoody (£34.00) which will keep you cool.