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Winter’s poking its head around the corner and the #fitfam are tripping over themselves as they drop off the healthy eating bandwagon. But kettlebells in tow, Team South Beach are hanging on for dear life. Why? Because for us, the beach bod is not essential. But cold weather’s no excuse for slacking on winter fitness, so we’ve been working on our workout game. Here are our tips for staying on track with the your healthy lifestyle in AW…..and you never know when you might need to pack your favourite bikini for a spa day or a winter sun weekend!

1// Change up your routine

The best way to keep motivated and stay on track with your winter fitness is to keep your exercising interesting. If it’s getting too dark / cold to run outdoors, hit the gym or join a class. If you need your spirits lifting, choose something fun and interactive like a Zumba class or a trampoline dance class.

2// Eat Happy

It’s easy to get into a slump when the cold weather sets in but consume high serotonin meals and you could eat yourself happier! Serotonin boosting foods such as oily fish, nuts and seeds, pineapples, berries, and high protein choices like turkey or eggs, are not only super healthy but they’ll keep you feeling motivated for your fitness regime.

3// Discover Healthy Comfort Food

Sometimes, there’s just no hiding from your cravings. And we shouldn’t have to miss out! Swap a flour pizza base with a cauliflower base, replace wheat pasta with courgetti spaghetti, and switch your standard loaf for gluten quinoa bread to enjoy your favourite comfort foods without the guilt.

4// Stay Hydrated

One of the biggest challenges in winter time is staying hydrated. Make sure you drink water throughout the day and if your gym workout lasts over an hour, a sports drink can help to moderate the high intensity activity. But don’t drink the sports drink before your workout as you’ll just rack up the extra calories.

5// Don’t Be Afraid to Snack

There’s no shame in snacking. In fact, it’s totally recommended a few hours before your workout. It’s essential fuel for your body and will give you enough energy to really push yourself. Simple carbs are great before the gym so snack on a granola bar, a piece of fruit, oatmeal, or some natural Greek yogurt.

Winter Fitness Shop your winter fitness wardrobe...