IMG_0539 Let your personality shine... which animal are you?

It’s cold outdoors but here at South Beach HQ, we’ve gone all warm and fuzzy inside. Our team are all smiles today…..because it’s finally ONESIE WEATHER! Time to choose our favourite animal onesies for the chilly AW season!

If you don’t own a onesie yet (why not?), take a look at our JUST LANDED cute animal onesie collection to pick yours.  It’s all about channelling your favourite furry friend this winter…..but what does your animal onesie say about you? Here’s a fun quiz to help determine your onesie personality based on your fave cute creature…


The Panda

If you’re a warm and cuddly panda, it means that you’re a gentle soul. You’re also carefree, creative and hate to take things too seriously. If this sounds like you, get your hands on our NEW Black & White 3D Panda Onesie now!


The Teddy Bear

Teddy bears, like wild bears, have very big hearts. They’re loyal and loving, and whether they show it or not (tough cookies can be teddies too), they’re always soft and gooey on the inside. If you’re a teddy bear, get the look in this fab Novelty 3D Teddy Bear Onesie from South Beach.


The Pug

Dogs are sweet, loyal and extremely playful. Sometimes, you can even be a bit needy (sorry, it’s true). The pug in particular can be very charming, sociable and sometimes even a tad stubborn. If you love pugs, get our NEW IN 3D Cream Pug Onesie for cosy winter cuddles.


The Flamingo

Flamingos love to entertain. They’re total show-offs, love social media, and are often big posers. But they’re also the life and soul of the party so people love to be around them. If this is you, jump into our Pink 3D Flamingo Onesie this AW and don’t forget to pose and take a selfie for your Instagram.


The Koala

Koalas are popular and warm, and they like being around others. If you’re a likeable and reliable person who just likes to get on with things quietly without making a fuss or causing drama, then you’re a cute and fuzzy Novelty 3D Koala Bear in our books!


The Unicorn

You’re out of check with reality but you don’t care. If you believe that rainbows are made from skittles and that unicorns fart glitter, then this Novelty 3D Unicorn Hooded Onesie is right up your street for the AW season.


The Mouse

You may be quiet and introverted, but you’re also often underestimated. You’re modest but smart, and quite often a perfectionist so you always do things the right way. Get this Fun Novelty 3D Mouse Onesie to channel your inner modesty.

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