Foxy lady Foxy lady

Everyone knows that in January you just chill out on the sofa in front of the TV, mixed in with a little bit of going out - but mainly chilling - dry January and all. So here's our top 5 cosies to wear for the coldest / bluest month - rotate between them all!

1. Fluffy Top and Shorts Set - super soft you'll literally never want to take them off.

2. Twosies - choose from 4 colours - rainbow, blue, pink and lilac. So much easier to wear than a onesie - as its a top and a bottom, but still with the same cosy feeling!

3. Llama Robe - put up the hood and relax. Super soft and super stylish at the same time!

4. Aqua Unicorn with Sherpa Detail Onesie - not any unicorn, but a super soft one!

5. Navy Fox PJ Set - chill out and sleep in these fox print pjs, foxes are the one to watch in 2019! Get them before they are gone.


Ride January out - it'll soon be over and things will get better we promise! :-)