January Cosies

Who’s got the winter blues? We do! Never fear South Beach babes, because our Loungeable collection of cosies will have you cured in no time.

Hands up if you’ve got the January blues *raises hand*. No matter how hard we try to motivate ourselves to get over the post party season hump, we’re still feeling the malaise and we all just wish we were sunbathing on a beach somewhere (sigh). As we head into Feb, things will get easier (we hope) but if you still need a helping hand…..here are our Loungeables to the rescue…

1. Cute Animal Onesie

Loungeable Taupe & Cream Novelty Cow Print 3D Onesie

If there’s one thing guaranteed to put a smile on your face, it’s an adorable 3D novelty onesie! A girl and her girlgang can never have too many onesies (there are simply too many movie nights to be had) so stock up on your faves right now.


2. Unicorn Slippers

Novelty Blue Unicorn Slippers

Unicorn feet are the best kind of feet, period. So add a little magic (and warmth) to your toes to see you through the rest of winter. It will be spring before you know it but it the meantime, keep your trotters toasty!


3. Cosy Robe

White Luxury Fleece Heart Robe

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and these robes are the perfect addition to your loungewear wardrobe. They’re perfect for a night in with your beau and if that doesn’t beat the blues, we’re not sure what will! ;)


4. Luxe Night Shirt

Loungeable Nude Pink Satin Night Shirt

Cheer yourself up with a luxe satin night shirt, silky to the touch and totally chic for lounging around the house (in serious style). If novelty slippers and fleecy fabrics just isn’t your vibe, we’ve for the perfect glam alternative…


5. Fluffy PJs

Blue Fluffy Top & Shorts Pyjama Set


We think that fluffy = comfy AF and there’s just no other way to PJ if you’re after super snuggly and snooze-tastic comfort. We promise that this fluffy pyjama set will see you through until your next beach holiday. Wear this when you’re counting the days.



For more must-have cosies, toasties and warm snugglies, make sure you check out the rest of our Loungeable collection. A big dose of comfort will definitely help you cure the winter blues!