Many people like to choose hot countries and sunny weather when booking a holiday. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach or walking around the tourist destinations and seeing the sights, it is important to stay safe in the sun. However, this doesn’t mean you need to compromise with fashion, as there are plenty of beachwear cover ups and daytime summer outfits to choose from.

Possibly the most basic of all cover ups is the shorts and T-shirt combination. A pair of denim shorts will suit most T-shirts and will also look good with just your bikini top. You could also try high-waisted shorts if this will better suit your choice of top. Tucking in a loose T-shirt with a slogan or pattern is trendy and will keep you cool in the hot weather.

Shirt style tops are also cool in the heat, which will also look great with shorts. Checked patterns can be good for a boyish, casual style, whereas a floaty, feminine style will give you a totally different look. All of these styles are better for the skin than a vest top, for example, which does not cover the shoulders. If you do choose a vest top or bandeau style with shoulders visible, make sure you use sunscreen when exposed to the sun to avoid burning.

A kaftan is another fashionable option that will keep you looking good whilst offering protection from the sun. There are all sorts of patterns and designs, whether you like cute, quirky, vintage or just a plain colour. If you like the dress style, you may like to think about buying a maxi dress. This will offer you maximum coverage, and is good for day trips where you may be in the sun for an extended period of time with little chance of finding shade.

Whichever style you prefer, there are plenty of options so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a cover up that is right for you. If staying out of the sun during its hottest hours doesn’t sound realistic, at least using a cover up can help to keep you cool and give your skin some coverage for a short period of time. And remember to keep any visible skin covered with a layer of sun cream to stop sunburn leaving you with uncomfortable red marks and peeling skin. By staying safe with sun protection, you will find it much easier to obtain the holiday tan whilst looking good and staying cool.

+Jonathan Crewe