Cute Teddy Robe! Cute Teddy Robe!

The softest fleece, the plushest sleeves, and the cuddliest and snuggliest of hoods. Only the very best for the Queens of AW. Our just landed dressing gowns and robes are cute enough to make you go all fuzzy inside. If you love curling up on the sofa, sipping hot chocolate in your jim jams and cosying up with Netflix in bed, then this is YOUR season.

So hear ye, Autumn royalty. It’s time to robe up with some of the cutest robes around. Check out our new dressing gowns, adorable enough to hug…..


Rabbit Robe with Ears

We had you at ears, right? There’s nothing cuter than an animal robe complete with plush ears poking out from the hood. Adorned with a loveable face and a contrast inner fleece, this Pink Hooded Short Rabbit Robe is a total AW must-have.


Macaron Dressing Gown

This super sweet and adorably delectable Lilac Macaron Print Hooded Robe is made for girls with a serious sweet tooth. If you’re more ‘Netflix n choc’ than ‘Netflix n chill’, this gorgeous gown will fit right in with your Autumn wardrobe.


Cloud Print Dressing Gown

Head in the clouds and proud? We have the perfect plush robe for dreamers. It may be grey, gloomy and drizzly in the real world, but in the realm of a lunatic fantasist, it’s all blue skies and white fluffy marshmallows. This Blue Cloud Print Hooded Short Robe comes as fluffy as the clouds in your head – so it’s super warm and cosy for this nippy season!


The Teddy Bear Robe

Our cute teddy bear robe also comes with ears and it’s so darn adorable that it will instantly boost your hugging power. Get cosy and cuddly with the Taupe Hooded Teddy Bear Robe with Ears, the most cuddliest dressing gown around.


Unicorn Print Dressing Gown

With a sprinkle of glitter and the magic of rainbows, this Pink & White Unicorn Print Robe will give you an instant cuddleability boost. Not only is the fleece impossibly soft on the skin (like seriously, how is it even possible?), but the cosy gown is decorated with a fun unicorn pattern for extra cute points.


Flamingo Print Robe

Keep warm in this novelty flamingo printed robe, perfect for the party girl in hiding. If Autumn sees you finished with typical flamingo behaviour (until the crimbo party season that is), get cosy in our Black & Pink Flamingo Robe and prepare for hibernation. You can even get matching Pink 3D Flaming Slippers for double the trouble!


Unicorn printed robe... magical! Unicorn printed robe... magical!