Summer may seem a long way off at the moment but it’s never too early to prepare your body and your wardrobe for the warmer months. We’re not talking crash diets and boot camps though, you’re beautiful just how you are and with a few small changes you can feel confident and stylish on the beach this summer.

We’ve spoken to experts in nutrition, confidence and style to find out the tips and tricks for looking and feeling stunning on the beach.

Eat better, not less

Clare Shepherd is a Nutritional Therapist who believes the best way to a beach body is to ditch the diet and just make some small changes, which can even start when you’re on holiday!

The classic mistake many girls make is to go on excessive diet and exercise regimes before their holiday and then load up on holiday foods when they get off the plane. This not only puts pressure on your body but it is also unnecessary as there are many small positive changes you can make leading up to your holiday and while you’re away to help you look and feel fabulous!

Here are Clare’s tips:

- Avoid wheat to avoid bloating and a distended stomach – just having a flatter tummy on the beach can be a huge confidence boost

- Drink plenty of water to keep your skin clear and eyes bright, particularly if you’re spending the day in the hot sun or if you’ve over indulged the night before. It’s not easy on holiday but try to avoid excessive alcohol and give your liver a break for at least a couple of days.

- Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, including salads during the day – these will keep you feeling lighter and brighter than eating heavy, stodgy meals.

- Take in a little exercise when you’re on the beach, either by swimming in the sea or walking up and down the beach to keep circulation moving. It will stop feelings of lethargy and give you an energy boost.

- Always wear a smile!


Confidence comes from within

Karen Perkins is a life coach and confidence expert and she knows that the right preparation can have a massive impact on your confidence levels.

Being on holiday should be a relaxing experience, not one that’s full of anxiety about how you look in your bikini. To mentally prepare yourself for the beach relax, close your eyes and take yourself back to the last time you were on a hot beach, soaking up the sun, and feeling its warmth on your body. Pinch your thumb and middle finger together and do what is called anchoring to make a mental reminder of that feeling of wellbeing. Now you can take yourself to your beach ready feeling whenever you want – just pinch your fingers together and imagine how nice your body feels in the warm sun!

Here are Karen’s tips:

- Preparing your body will make you feel more confident so book yourself into a spa (look out for offers on voucher websites) and pamper your body. This also gives you a great opportunity to get used to wearing your bikini! Start to work on your tan by applying tinted moisturiser which will build up nicely for your holiday – just having glowing skin can boost your confidence!

- Get used to wearing your bikini and as well as trying it out on a spa day, practice walking around in your bikini at home. Seeing yourself in your bikini will mean you can get used to how you look in it, rather than wearing it for the first time on your holiday.

- Take small steps now to help tone your figure a little, for example swap the lift at work for the stairs and try adding a short walk to your day, even if it’s just round the block at lunchtime.

- Make a holiday mood board to remind you of your goal and what you have to look forward too.  Pinterest is a great platform for creating quick, beautiful mood boards which you can update from your phone.


A bikini for every shape

Stylist Susan Baxter knows that getting the cut of your swimwear right can mean you can spend your time relaxing and enjoying your holiday, rather than worrying about what you look like. Finding the most flattering style of swimwear for your body is a guaranteed mood booster at the pool or at the beach.

Here are

Susan’s top tips for each body shape:

Penny Bikini Top Penny Brooch Retro Halter Bikini Top - the strong elasticated band under the bust gives extra support!



Do you have a full bust and hips with a well-defined waist?

If you wish to flaunt your womanly curves, halter necks are a great way to do this. Make sure you get something with great support and full cup coverage

and wide straps for extra support. The choice of your swimwear colour is important too. Colourful fabrics are a fun way of attracting attention and can give a more youthful look. If you want to minimise your large bust you could opt for separates, choosing a darker shade on top and a lighter shade on the bottom to create balance.

For your cover up, choose a Kaftan that nips you in at the narrowest point of your waist to reveal your beautiful curves.





Are you straight up and down with not much of a waist and small boobs?

Padded tops with horizontal stripes and/or ruffles are the most flattering for you as they will make your bust look fuller and create softness. Fringing is very on trend right now and is a great way to add volume to your upper half. A wide bandeau top would also be suitable for a small bust and a hipster style bottom will make your bum appear shapelier. A string style bikini will show off your slender body. Wearing a darker colour on your bottom can also make your bust look bigger.

For a cover up you could choose a light cotton shirt and tie it under the bust to add extra curves. Or, if you are comfortable with your upper body, you may wish to just choose a pair of shorts as a cover up.

Kelly Swimsuit Kelly Floral Frill Bandeau Swimsuit - pretty ruffle detailing can draw attention away from the stomach.



Do you have a bit of a tummy but great legs?

A swimsuit with some extra support at the tummy area is perfect for you. Try a swimsuit with ruffle or ruching detailing around the top to draw attention away from the stomach.

Show off your sexy pins in a straight tunic or shirt with no waist definition. Or perhaps choose a sporty hoodie - it will conceal all the right parts.
See you at the beach!