Cozy slippers this winter Top 10 Cosy Slippers to Treat Yo’ Feet this Winter...

In the words of Jon Snow, winter is coming. So we’d better prepare – and so must our feet! We’ve been cosying it up at South Beach HQ with our new collection of adorable onesies, super soft robes and toasty slippers. If you haven’t treated your  feet to some serious snugness yet, here are our top 10 slippers to wear this winter.


Magical Unicorn Slippers

If you think that heaven is made of marshmallows and that unicorns leave a trail of glitter everywhere they go, then these Novelty 3D Unicorn Slippers are the perfect match for your feet. The perfect pair for dreamers! Available in 4 colours - white, pink, lilac and blue!


Henry the Hedgehog Slippers

Need to hibernate as soon as the weather turns cold? These Henry the Hedgehog 3D Slippers will make a snuggly companion. They will see you through until spring when it’s safe to come out again.


Dina the Dragon Slippers

Dina can brighten up a dull day. With a pink and blue all over foil print and cute 3D dragon wings, these Multi Coloured Dragon Slippers are a fun way of jazzing up your loungewear and turning that frown upside down when it’s cold and drizzly outside.


Pink Yeti Slipper Boots

For an extra boost of warmth, you really can’t beat a fur bootie. Wear these Pink Yeti Furry Slipper Boots on a cold winter’s day for ample insulation and coverage.


Ollie the Owl Slippers

A bit of a night owl? Love to stay up late watching Netflix? Or checking out new music on Spotify? Then you should meet Ollie the Novelty 3D Owl – these toasty slippers will be your new best pal and they’ll keep you company when everyone else has hit the hay!


Kiki the Koala Slippers

Kiki the Grey Koala Bear is utterly adorable – and even better, she’s the perfect match with our Grey 3D Koala Bear Hooded Onesie too! So you can cosy up from head to toe in 100% koala cuteness.


Sweet Dreams Slippers

We love a cute slogan here at South Beach and these fun Pink Sweet Dreams Slippers really do say it all when it comes to how we feel in winter time. Do not disturb, Zzz….


Psychedelic Poodle Slippers

If you’re a groovy 70's babe, these Multi Coloured Poodle Slippers are made for you. With a fun psychedelic print, they’ll complement your inner hippie and with ample fluffiness, they’ll keep your feet warm for hours.


Animal Print Giraffe Slippers

These fashionable Animal Print Giraffe Slippers are made for intrepid travellers, safari lovers, or girls who just can’t get enough of a good print! Plus the cute pom tail makes our giraffe friend so loveable.


Purple Pom Slippers

Simple yet perfectly formed. These sweet Pom Pom Slippers come in a lovely lilac and are lightweight enough to slip into any sleepover bag. If 3D novelty slippers are too big and clumsy for you, these petite slippers are just right.

Novelty slippers Which slippers best suit you?