We may be jumping into this a little late - but we wanted to share our recent work internally on Mental Health Awareness - so you could perhaps introduce it within your business?  We sent 2 of our management team on a Mental Health Awareness First Aid Course for the day and they brought back so many ideas that we can bring into SB HQ! 

First of all check out this website with an employers area to download useful information on how you can bring this into your work place and start looking after your employees - TIME FOR CHANGE.




Tomorrow 6th February 2020 is Time To Talk Day! And at SB HQ we are choosing to talk about mental health.


Too often, mental health problems are treated as a taboo subject – something not to be talked about, especially at work. However, mental health affects us all and we should feel able to talk about it.  The more conversations we have, the more myths we can bust and barriers we can break down – helping to end the isolation, shame and worthlessness that too many of us feel when experiencing a mental health problem.  Especially working within the fast paced fashion environment - seeing super glam models in bikinis and swimwear, we could all start to feel a little down and unhappy with ourselves. We totally shouldn't feel like this but sometimes we can't help what we feel.


As part of our ongoing commitment to this, we are supporting Time to Talk Day. We have invited all staff to go for a group walk for half an hour before their lunch so we can all chat and get away from our emails - the sun is suppose to be shining so we are looking forward to it!   Its a small start but we are very excited to start moving this forward.


Time To Talk